Digital Media 1.0 – La Nau

From April 17th to May 11th, the University of Valencia’s La Nau (location) will be the location of Digital Media 1.0. Here’s a short description of the festival, which I’ve translated from their awesome website:

More than an exposition, Digital Media 1.0 is a meeting point and forum of debate for artists, experts and public, representing a large number of countries. It will take place in different nuclei or nodes: the intervention of spaces in the old seat of University of Valencia, electro-acoustic music concerts, multimedia performances, video cycles, sound laboratories, debates, and the website created specifically for the event and which bears the intention of being a portal of international reference for art and new technology.

The list of events is huge, and excitingly eclectic. Particularly interesting to me is the 3rd Annual One Second Film Fest. Perfect for my attention sp… Ah, and look what else! Multimedia performances with intriguing titles such as “fighting orange” and “electric guitar on vibrating table”. Confused? Yes! Want see? Very!

This being a “digital media” festival, the organizers are putting a lot of effort into their website, which also features a blog. So make to keep your eye on it for upcoming events. I think the website will be updated quite frequently, especially as the festival gets underway.

One of the forums which will be held on the 18th is titled “Blogging, Podcasting & Vlogging” — should be invited as special guest experts?

Location on our Valencia Map

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