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It takes a special kind of confidence to come to Spain as a foreigner and open a restaurant called “Tapa2”. But that’s exactly what a couple of young guys from Britain and Germany have done.

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Last week, we decided to try out Tapa2, which recently opened near the Mercado Central (location). The concept is “haute cuisine at an affordable price”.

The restaurant is small — it can fit about 25 people — and sparsely, tastefully decorated. There is a limited menu, which one of the chef/owners will take the time to fully explain. The guys are clearly enthusiastic about their work, and extremely friendly.

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Basically, you can choose between vegetarian (€6), fish (€7) and meat (€7) dishes, all of which are interesting. For Jürgen and I, 4 plates and dessert were enough to satisfy (keep in mind, we’re big eaters — 3 plates might be enough for “normal” people).

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And the food was fantastic. Now, it must be kept in mind that I’m from Ohio, where the fanciest meal available is at Outback Steakhouse. I’m not conditioned for small portions of meticulously arranged liver pâté, quail egg and foamed peas. And even though there was no Bloomin’ Onion, we were extremely happy with the food. Even the liver.

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Dessert was excellent, too.

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So, if you want to impress a date with your exquisite taste, or are in the mood for an excellently prepared & presented meal, we definitely recommend Tapa2. It’s also nice to support a couple young chefs giving it a shot. Best of luck guys!

C/ Cardá 6, El Carmen
963 921 470
Link: Tapa2 – Official Website
Location on our Valencia Map

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Comments on "Tapa2: Affordable, High Cuisine": 3 Comments

  1. Andrew Phillips wrote,

    Dear Jürgen and Mike,

    I am extremely pleased to hear the good news!
    My brother, Edward and the chef Michael Baering have gone to extraordinary lengths to realise their dream, and it has given them (and myself) great personal and professional satisfaction to hear of such a warm response.

    Customers and gentlemen such as yourselves are key for small, family-run, fledgeling businesses. As the business grows and he realises his dream of growth and development, i will endeavour that induviduals such as yourselves will not be forgotten!! Reports such as these give the tired hardworking guys focus and drive, it gives them an unrivalled sense of success and pride as they struggle through the few weeks of operation!

    My brother is enormously charismatic, coupled with his evident culinary ability and drive, equalls food that pertains to a very high standard. Yet, his business sense is somewhat lacking, i am asserting myself with this matter and am in process of creating a much needed web site! Upon completion i would very much like to link your website and visa-versa. However i am somewhat lacking in the technological field, if you have any suggestions regarding networking in the world wide web, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    I will be assisting the business side of things in the near future and will be present in Valencia shortly. I would very much like to meet over a chilled glass of fine Valencian Cava! If it is your plan to return!

    Once again many many thanks, I extend a warm greeting to you all!

    Kindest regards

    Andrew Phillips

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  3. Simone from Italy wrote,

    Me and my girlfriend have been there two times in two days last February, food was great, service was wonderful, a new concept of food, simple elements in perfect combinations.
    What to say? Go and taste! You will be surprised.

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