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Manga Festival at Greenspace

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Mangas Valencia-8

By Sunday, we were starting to grow tired of Valencia’s endless supply of religious processions, and decided to do something a little different as an antidote: the Manga and Cosplay festival being held at Heineken Greenspace.

Mangas Valencia-1

Out In
Traditional Fallera Costumes Angel Wings and Psycho-sexual Japanese Schoolgirl Uniforms
Holy Religious Icons Anime Cutouts and plush Sgt. Frog dolls
Marching Bands and Folk Dancing Sugary Japanese Power Pop Karaoke

Insanity Level: roughly the same.

Mangas Valencia-9

Mangas Valencia-11

Mangas Valencia-4

It was cool to see all the alternative kids who showed up, given a place to truly let their freak flags fly. The only ones who looked like they weren’t having fun were the parents who had tagged along, trying show an interest in their child’s new hobby. They looked scared.

Mangas Valencia-6

Mangas Valencia-5

Mangas Valencia-3

But seriously, props to the kids who sang flawless Japanese karaoke. ¡Impresionante!

Mangas Valencia-7

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May 20, 2008 at 11:58 am
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  • May 20, 2008 at 5:00 pmPappy Powell

    Of course the parents were scared to death to see their children parading around in such reckless abandon. The shame of our youth…such is the stuff of nightmares as we ponder what the next generation will bring to the table….besides more foder for Stephen King!!

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