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Congratulations Spain!

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As you surely know by now, Spain defeated Germany in last night’s Euro 2008 Final. It was Spain’s first major title in 44 years, and Valencia exploded in joy.

Spain wins EM 2008 from Valencia Blog on Vimeo.

We watched the game at a local bar, complete with live entertainment from drunken, crazy fans.


After the tense 1-0 game, people emptied out into the streets. Scenes of pandemonium ensued — thousands of cars honking, fireworks, screaming, singing. It was awesome. Most people were waving flags, bedecked in body and face paint. The crowd was mostly young and, though wild, the celebration was completely peaceful and joyous.


Spain totally deserved the victory. They were the tournament’s best team, and although the Germans put up a good fight, the Spanish victory was well-earned. How often have we seen victors who win with unsportsmanlike conduct (Italy 06) or boring play (Greece 04)? It’s so refreshing to see a team like Spain, who play wonderful, gentlemanly, exciting soccer actually end up on top.


Congrats, Spain! You deserve it!


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Spain vs. Germany

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It’s on!!!

This is the match we’ve been praying for. We just happen to have German visitors in town for the week, and the final falls on my birthday … Sweet! We were already planning on a party, and I think it just got crazier.

Now the question — where is the best place in Valencia to watch the final? Ideally, something central and outside. Please make suggestions in the comments section or in the Hola Valencia forum.

I’m an American who lived 5 years in Berlin, so my allegiances are split … my heart is kind of with the Germans, but I seriously don’t want to miss the party that would engulf Spain, should the Red Fury end up on top.

Image Sources: La Jornada &

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Día de San Juan – Patron Saint of Wackos?

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On the evening of June 23rd, Spaniards all along the southern coast flock to the beaches to celebrate the Día de San Juan, by burning all their old, unwanted items and drinking themselves silly.

As often happens, the mixing of small, manageable bonfires and young, drunk people results in a night full of fire-jumping.

We’re a few days late on this, but were just at Malvarrosa and can report that they’ve done an admirable job of cleaning up the beach. Valencia is really on the ball when it comes to keeping itself tidy.

Check out the slide show from Levante, for some great images from San Juan:

Slide Show from Levante

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Agua de Valencia – Perfect Summer Drink

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Agua de Valencia is an extremely popular drink here, taking advantage of one Valencia’s prime exports — oranges.

I ordered it at an outdoor bar recently and instantly fell in love. “I’m going to find out how to make this as soon as I get home!”

Agua de Valencia
1 cup (18cl) freshly squeezed orange juice
1 bottle (70cl) sparkling, semi-dry wine
1/2 cup vodka + gin (10cl)
Sugar to taste
Refrigerate for a couple hours (or ice)

If you’re like me, you’re looking at that recipe thinking … wine, vodka and gin?! That’s expensive… and, squeezing oranges is messy without some kind of fancy press. Screw it.

Allow us to suggest our favorite summer drink. We’ll call it…

Agua de Hola Valencia:
Mix vodka & cranberry juice, with ice.
Drink quickly, and make another.

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Cinema Jove Festival – We Went

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We wrote about the Cinema Jove just couple of days ago. Turns out that all open air films are shown at the Viveros Garden. So we went on the first night to watch [REC], which was really fun.

The next day, we went to see the opening film in competition, giving me the opportunity to snap some images inside of the the Teatro Principal (location):

Everyone dressed up and ready:


Quick interview of a filmmaker:


Ok let’s go in :


The inside of the theater is beautiful:



We got to see the movie El Káseron (The Big House) which was rather bad but the event itself was exciting and fun.

More information in Cinema Jove: Official Webpage

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