Beach Handball Championships

Handball on the beach — same hot bodies, more skin.

This weekend (June 6th-8th), Valencia is playing host to the 5th European Beach Handball championships. Though, as an American, the sport of handball is completely foreign to me, I’ve always been entertained when it comes on the tube. It probably has something to do with the general hotness of handballers. But also because it’s a fast-paced sport, whose rules are easy enough to understand.

As seems to be the case with just about every sport worth its salt, handball has been transferred to the beach. If you feel like checking it out this weekend, the place to be is the southern esplanade of the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencas.

Skeptical? Well, watching this 9-minute introductory video to this new sport probably won’t help: “The most important rule of the game in Beach Handball is Fair Play”. Really?! How refreshing, since most sports emphasize their dedication to rule-breaking and poor sportsmanship.


A Spanish team, BM Playa Barbate, is the reigning European champion.

European Beach Handball’s Official Webpage
More Info at the Valencian Tourism Website

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