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Congratulations Spain!

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As you surely know by now, Spain defeated Germany in last night’s Euro 2008 Final. It was Spain’s first major title in 44 years, and Valencia exploded in joy.

Spain wins EM 2008 from Valencia Blog on Vimeo.

We watched the game at a local bar, complete with live entertainment from drunken, crazy fans.


After the tense 1-0 game, people emptied out into the streets. Scenes of pandemonium ensued — thousands of cars honking, fireworks, screaming, singing. It was awesome. Most people were waving flags, bedecked in body and face paint. The crowd was mostly young and, though wild, the celebration was completely peaceful and joyous.


Spain totally deserved the victory. They were the tournament’s best team, and although the Germans put up a good fight, the Spanish victory was well-earned. How often have we seen victors who win with unsportsmanlike conduct (Italy 06) or boring play (Greece 04)? It’s so refreshing to see a team like Spain, who play wonderful, gentlemanly, exciting soccer actually end up on top.


Congrats, Spain! You deserve it!


June 30, 2008 at 2:37 pm
  • June 30, 2008 at 11:29 pmJavier

    OOeeeeeeee, oe, oe, oe, oee, oee. Gracias.

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