Surfing around this morning, I came across a great profile piece on Valencia’s architectural golden boy, Santiago Calatrava in The Independent, a British paper:

I’m just sitting down with Helga Schmidt when the news breaks that Santiago Calatrava is in the building. The arrival of the great architect generates excitement and apprehension in equal measure… Valencia: New Horizons

The article is a quick read, and serves as a great introduction to the works of Valencia’s most important architect. I had no idea that he was behind Malmö’s glorious twisted tower, nor that he was building the new Transportation Hub at Ground Zero in NYC. The building is amazing and looks like it came straight out of Valencia’s Ciudad de Artes y Ciencas!

There’s no doubt that Calatrava is making some of the most exciting buildings in the world. Do any of you have a favorite? Mine is probably L’Hemiferic.

"Calatrava in the Independent" was published on July 12th,2008 and is listed in Culture.

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  1. AJS wrote,

    Hemispheric is great. It was the first and the best. It seems they are getting worse as he goes along. And the cost… insane

    Went to check out the progress on the new bridge and was surprised to see what I thought was the construction yard is the 5th Calatrava building of the C of Cs now going up. The Agora. A large hall. It has the wing like top like the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Transportation Center in NY but does not have the proportions or grace of either.

    The Transportation Center in NY was problematic to begin with. No retail or amenities built into the main Hall and now the roof will not open due to budget constraints and natural light will no longer flow down to the track levels. Sounds like another fiasco. Let see what actually gets built and if he keeps his name on it.

    Turning Torso is very cool, but functionally the layouts inside do not work well and it does not interact with the ground well. CitySpire in Chicago is a relic of the excess of the last few years, but at least will be completed in some form.

    A great conceptual building that will never go up is his 80 South St near the South Street Seaport in NY.

    Fotos of all are on his website

    the agora is here:

  2. Anthony Thompson wrote,

    Thanks for the great link! I visited the City of Arts and Science four years ago and am anxious to return to see the new building and bridge there. Calatrava is by far the best architect working in the world right now. A grear artist, architect and engineer! Heir to the organic tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.

  3. Calatrava’s Palacio de Congresos | For 91 Days wrote,

    […] by Santiago Calatrava, the building defies description — better just to look at the pictures. Construction started […]

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