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  1. Mr. Bigby

    Why an American doesn’t like Americans:
    1. Whenever there’s a fight at school, it always happens on a Friday because Americans just can’t contain themselves.
    2. On Fridays, expect to see poor people speeding and running red lights because they’re in such a hurry to get home to their trailer and open a “cold one”.
    3. When an American is poor and uneducated, the only way they think they can get respect is by “becoming hard” and dressing in baggy close and shooting ugly, angry faces at everyone. Attempting to instill fear is their only defense against a world in which they’ve failed. Oh yeah, and smoking and selling a little weed makes you a “G”. When a European is poor and uneducated they become polite and modest village farmers. Right?
    4,5,6,7: George Bush, Oil, Obesity, The War in Iraq.
    8. College-educated white wanna be rappers.
    9. Hot blonde stay at home moms who drive Escalades to Wal-Mart.

    When I asked my foreign exchange student from Germany to list three things that surprised/impressed/shocked him about Americans he said:
    1. They are much more polite than Europeans.
    2. They care much more about school than Europeans.
    3. They care much more about [playing] sports than Europeans.
    I love my country and my people, but it’s hard to be a naturally hate-filled person in this land.

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