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The Holy Grail in Valencia

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Indiana Jones could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he’d have just gone to the city cathedral in Valencia (location), where there is a grail that a lot of people (Valencians, mostly) believe is the Holy One. To tell the truth, I’m skeptical — everyone who’s ever seen The Last Crusade knows that the true grail is the simple one made of clay, not the fancy one studded with diamonds. So, my advice to all those who don’t want to age super-fast and dissolve into dust is: Don’t Touch Valencia’s Grail.

You have chosen… poorly

But perhaps I shouldn’t be so skeptical. An international conference is about to begin in the city, to discuss the possibility that Valencia’s grail is indeed The One. And a significant portion of the online community dedicated to the hunt for the grail also believes that the evidence is strong.

Regardless, the grail is something worth checking out (as is the rest of the cathedral, of course). Seriously, though — don’t touch it. And if you do, and the ground opens up beneath your feet, you might find yourself dangling from a ledge with the choice to either grab the grail, or the hand of the dashing archeologist trying to save you. Choose the hand.

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Google Street View Hits Valencia

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Months ago, we wrote about Google’s plans to bring its amazing Street View technology to Valencia, and now that day has arrived. They’ve just announced that Street View is live in 4 Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and VLC.

Our Hood, Through the Eyes of Google

Street View allows people to take virtual walking tours through the cities of their choosing, combining comprehensive (and often stunning) imagery with Google’s exemplary map navigation. It’s a lot of fun just “walking” down random streets and, though it won’t ever beat the feeling of actually wandering aimlessly about El Carmen, it is a decent alternative for those who can’t be there.

Here are some awesome Street Views we’ve seen so far. Feel free to suggest more in the comments!
Estación del Norte
Plaza de la Virgen
Puente de Flores
Hotel Neptu

Oh man… I have actual work to do, but this is too much fun. Google Street View – destroying office productivity around the world.

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Menú del Día: Palau 11

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palau valencia food-2

Hungry, tired and in no mood to cook, we decided to walk aimlessly through the Xerea neighborhood of the old town, hunting down a restaurant for a quick, cheap lunch.

palau valencia food-5

And, boy, did we stumble onto a great one. Walking up C/ Venerables, we followed the merry sounds of plates clinking and chattering voices, and wound up at Palau 11 — an excellent, exceedingly affordable restaurant with outdoor seating, tucked just off Plaza Mossen Milá (location).

palau valencia food-4

It was the perfect menú del día — €8.50 got us 2 plates, desert, bread and wine (coffee was extra). The atmosphere was pleasantly crowded and clamorous, and we had to move quickly to snatch away the last outdoor table from a slower, elderly gentleman (apologies!)

palau valencia food-3

The food was great, I had turkey with a rich sauce, and a perfect, textbook paella. Juergen feasted on canalones and veal. They gave us a whole bottle of wine with the meal, which instantly won Palau 11 a place in our hearts, even if the food hadn’t been wonderful.

palau valencia food-7

palau valencia food-6

So if you’re in the mood for a simple, nicely prepared, affordable meal in the middle of the city, you’ll have a hard time finding something better than Palau 11.

palau valencia food-8

Location on our Valencia Map

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Fallera Mayor & Infantil 2009 – Marta & María

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The new Fallera Mayor & Infantil have been chosen! May the Reign of Marta commence! Hers will soon become a familiar face in the city over the course of the next year — the Fallera Mayor is an important presence at nearly every official event in Valencia, carrying out her prescribed duties: smiling, waving, and looking beautiful.

The Fallera Infantil has similar duties, and how these girls make it through the year is a mystery to me. With hair & makeup, let alone getting into that dress, they must have the patience of monks. During the 19 days of Fallas, they’re dressed up all the time! Do they sleep in those dresses?

Congratulations to Marta & María! We’re sure to be seeing more of you in these pages soon!

Images from Levante-EMV

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Air Show at Malvarrosa

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plane air show valencia-14

On Sunday, October 19th, thousands of people stormed Malvarrosa beach to watch a fantastic air show, which ran for about 4 hours, and featured parachutists, jets, an F16, and synchronized stunt flying.

The crowd, most of whom probably went home with cramped necks, loved the show and there was plenty to like. The F16 was probably my favorite. It cut through the sky, followed seconds later by an enormous roar, and at one point hovered over the crowd. And the death-defying parachutists weren’t bad either. The final act featured 7 fighter jets flying in unison, often nearly missing each other.

Her are more images from the event. Hopefully this is a yearly thing!

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