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Fly Valencia to NYC Direct with Delta

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Delta Airlines has announced a brand new direct flight from Valencia to New York City, starting in June ’09. It will be the only direct flight from the city to the United States. Currently, there are none.

This is great news for the region and the airport, especially after the pullout of Ryan Air. Although Delta isn’t our favorite airline, they are one of the cheaper American companies, so we assume prices will be decent.

The flights will be on a Boeing 757-200 ETOPS and fly four times a week. It doesn’t look like purchases are available yet, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on Delta’s website.

It’s funny — shortly after we moved Berlin, Delta announced the first transatlantic flight from there to New York City, and now the same has happened in our new home. Alright Delta, we get it: you think we’re cute.


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The Living Sea at the Oceanographic

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Valencia’s City of Arts & Sciences is celebrating Marine Biodiversity Week with a series of events, through November 16th. As one might suspect, most of the action will take place in the Oceanographic, but there is a full program of activities throughout the complex. From special movies at the Hemispheric’s IMAX to special exhibitions like “Deeper than Light” at the city’s access building, there’s plenty to do. There’s even sea-inspired yoga classes, for the love of Christ Neptune.

The week of the Living Sea is set to coincide with an international sea biodiversity summit being held in the City of Arts & Sciences, and the goal is to generate awareness of the existential threats facing the oceans’ myriad animal & plant life.

The full list of festival events can be found here (Spanish Only). We’d be extremely interested in the “Deeper Than Light” exposition, which takes its audience on a tour of the ocean’s mysterious depths. But we’re still in Kentucky, where fake science is peddled at places like the “Creationism Museum“. I wonder what their exhibition on the profundities of the ocean would look like…


This fearsome fish is hideous because it didn’t love Jesus enough. Repent, Devil Fish!

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Hola Kentucky!

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We’ve had a pretty light blogging schedule for the past week, and that’s likely to continue, as we are visiting my family in Kentucky, USA.

Today is Election Day in the states, and we’re not shy about voicing massive support for Senator Obama. We went into the city of Lexington today, and found an Obama headquarters where we met some cool people and picked up some gear. The polling places that we drove by all looked peaceful and calm, although the lines were sometimes pretty long. Kentucky is probably going to go to McCain, but the people we encountered were either quiet, or enthusiastically for Obama. Endorses Barack Obama

We might be looking at a landslide, here, but I won’t stop biting my fingernails until results start to come in — starting in just 3 hours!

Apologies for using this space to talk about something which has nothing to do with Valencia, but the truth is that this election has global implications. And we’re just too damn excited. Obama’s candidacy is historic. Not only is he by far the better choice for the presidency, but his victory would be such a gigantic step forward for the USA, it’s hard to understate.

Oh man, I’m so nervous. If the unthinkable should happen, and McCain somehow pulls it out … I don’t know what I’ll do.

And we promise to get back to a more steady blogging schedule soon, once we return to Valencia.

Interesting side note: there’s been a noticeable uptick in visits to our post about the Valencian Barraca. Apologies to those looking for the good senator!

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