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Navajas is a small mountain town in the hills which separate the Valencian Community from Aragon, in the province of Castellón. With a population of less than 1000, Navajas boasts an unusual amount of attractions for nature lovers.

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The Palancia river runs alongside the town, and has cut out an impressive canyon, which is Navajas’ must-see attraction. Just 10 minutes from the town center, visitors can walk down inside the canyon and marvel at the strange rock formations which look like melting faces, and the Salto de la Novia — The Lover’s Jump. This is a tall, skinny waterfall from the top of which young couples would jump to prove their love… or so goes the legend.





The town of Navajas is small… a place where everyone knows everyone else. We walked past the same two older gentleman about 4 times during our few hours. Each time, one would nod and the other would say “Buen Día”. Plaza de Olmos in the town center is where most of the action goes down. Currently, there’s a large nativity scene with real animals, including two cute little pigs. Café Valencia in corner of the square is particularly popular … we were hardly able to find a seat amongst the locals playing cards and smoking.




At Restaurant Taipa II

The hills around Navajas provide a wealth of hiking opportunities. The Ayuntamiento has directions for a number of routes, and we chose to go with one called the Ojos Negros… how exciting! But, the directions were poorly written, and it turned into an extremely long, frustrating hike which we eventually had to abandon, after reaching a point where the instructions finally made no further sense. As much as we would have liked to walk on a bridge under the train tracks, there just wasn’t one there, and we had no time to build one ourselves.






Frustration and eventual failure aside, the hike was mostly beautiful — at one point, we went uphill through a pine forest, to emerge in a field of almond trees, with a bird’s eye view of the entire region.



For those without cars, there’s a train from Valencia to Navajas with Renfe Cercanías. There are only a few departures every day, so make sure to check times and plan your trip carefully before leaving. Navajas is small, but you can definitely find enough to do to occupy an entire day, particularly if you’re a nature lover.

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    […] than 200 meters from the railway station (”Jérica-Vivier” on the C5, one stop past Navajas), Jérica has a population of less than 2000 people, but offers plenty to […]

  2. Ricardo wrote,

    Thanks for the pictures of the town and coments , my grandmother born in navajas she migrated to Argentina were I born , hope some day get to now the town and the place she growup , part of my blood is from Navajas .
    Thanks Ricardo

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