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Fuego en el Teatro Princesa Valencia

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Fuego del Teatro Princesa – doesn’t it sound like another event from Fallas? It kind of sounds like Cabalgata del Fuego, doesn’t it!

Well we came home from a night out this morning at 4 and got greeted by fire trucks. My heart dropped, but I was relieved to see that our house wasn’t up in flames. But it easily could have been. Instead the abandoned theater Princesa got burned to the ground. And I thought La Cremà was at the end of Fallas.


Scary thing is, this is the view from one of our rear windows. It’s a wonder that our house didn’t catch fire as well.

That was fun and we got to finally meet our neighbors.

They still don’t know what started the fire but the theater and the house where the fire started were “okupados”. That means squatters were living illegally in them. Apparently the city had been trying for years to buy the theater.

This video via Typically Spanish
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Valencia Twitter

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Valencia Blog started twittering, to connect with other people using twitter. Feel free to follow us and we will follow you as well if you’re a fan of Valencia.

Link: Valencia Twitter


We’ve got even more news … we re-opened the Valencia Forum and have made it much harder for spammers.

So why not drop by again and say hello?

Link: Valencia Forum

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Babok Iglo in Valencia

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So, did anyone see a good performance during VEO – Valencia Escena Oberta? We kind of missed out on it this year, but we did see “Iglo” by the Dutch group Babok.

IGLO is both an interactive installation and a street theatre performance. The small building acts as a theatrical peep-box. The audience members and people passing by decide for themselves to have a peep inside the the private space of the inhabitants. By doing this they do take the risk of being part of whatever follows next.

It was surprisingly fun interacting with them and watching how other people react to them. I contributed some olive oil to their ramen noodle meal.


Link: Babok Iglo

Make sure to let us know in the comments, if you saw any great VEO performances!

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Pilota in the Trinquete de Pelayo

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Pilota is one of the most important sports in the Valencian Community. A fast-paced team game which combines elements of tennis, racquetball, and handball, Pilota has been played in the region for centuries. And despite some close cousins (such as Basque pelota), it’s a sport unique to the Valencian Community.


Valencian pilota is played in a long, narrow hall. Athletes hit a hard, round ball with their bare hand (some use minimal protection) over a net to the opposing side. The walls and spectators are in play, and the only rule is that the ball can’t bounce twice on the ground.

That’s right — I said the spectators are in play. One of the unique twists of Valencian pilota is that the crowd sits on benches which are part of the playing field, and right on top of the action.


After the despertà on the 22nd, a set of championship games are played in the Pelayo Trinquet — the traditional epicenter of Valencian pilota. The entrance is completely nondescript, and we had walked by hundred times without ever knowing it existed.

We only had enough time to watch the kids play on Sunday, but it was really a fun sporting event to attend. We’ll definitely be going back some day soon to see the adults take the court.

Trinquete de Pelayo
C/ de Pelayo 6
Location on our Valencia Map

This tournament was a part of the day’s official Fallas events, which meant that the Fallera Mayor and her court graced the trinquete with their presence. We managed to get some great pictures of the guapas:



Fallera Mayor Infantil 2009
Fallera Mayor 2009

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La Cridà Video – Fallas in Valencia 2009

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As promised here now the video of La Cridà 2009:

In cause you missed the La Cridà post with more information and images click here: La Cridà 2009

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