Carlos Osoro – Valencia’s New Archbishop

Meet Carlos Osoro, Valencia’s new Archbishop.

What up, dawg?

Osoro lands in Valencia today, and it’s a big enough deal to claim 2 pages in today’s newspapers. They’re planning on a huge attendance at tomorrow morning’s mass. At 10:30 on Saturday, there will be a procession from the archbishopal palace (location) to the basilica of the Virgin.

Osoro previously practiced in the Asturian city of Oveido, and is taking over the gig from Agustín García-Gasco Vicente, who has been made a Cardinal. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him around the city.

Fun Fact 1: The Archdiocese of Valencia was created in 1492… the same year as Columbus reached the new world. A banner year for Spain.
Fun Fact 2: “Oso Oro” means Golden Bear (kind of). Growl!

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  1. adom

    How Valencia Diocese became Archdiocese in 1492?
    Thanks to the valencian Rodrigo de Borja who became that same year Pope Alexander_VI

    PD.- I love your blog and the GREAT pictures.

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