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U-S-A! All the Way!

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Jozy Alitdore (AP)

Sorry for this bit of non-Valencia related celebration… but WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

The USA beat Spain 2-0 in the confederations cup semi-final last night, and we’re headed toward our first FIFA Final ever! I still can’t believe it.

Fine, it’s just the Confederations Cup, but what an incredible result. It was the first time in 35 games that mighty Spain was defeated. And I guess you can consider it marginally related to Valencia — David Villa and Juan Mata both were playing and got to taste the power of los EEUU first hand. Haha! That’s for giving us such a stupid abbreviation!

Sorry boys! (

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Bonfires of San Juan at Malvarrosa Tonight

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Tonight, on June 23rd, the beach buses and metro will be running all night, facilitating revelers in attending the fiestas for San Juan at Malvarrosa beach.

Source: El Mundo

We’re not going to make it down this year to the party, which is known as much for its all-night drunken bonfire jumping as for the shocking amount of trash left on the beach the next morning. But if you do go and manage to take some pictures, please share their location in the comments!

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The Door of the Apostles

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It’s a testament to the awesomeness of the Valencian Cathedral that the Door of the Apostles is only its 2nd coolest entrance. Let’s take a little tour.


This door was originally the main entrance to the Moorish mosque, but in the 15th Century was redone in Gothic style, at which point it was adorned with its namesake apostles. All 12 are present and accounted for, though some are missing limbs or a head. They’re exquisitely detailed and six sit on each side of the door.


The tympanum above the door depicts Mary with baby Jesus in her arms, surrounded by angels. And above that is a rose window and stained glass which dates from 1354.


The Door of the Apostles is probably best known as the setting for the weekly Tribunal de las Aguas — the water court which has been held at noon on Thursday for centuries. Read more about that here.

[Secret Tip!] On the southern side of the door, don’t miss an ancient sundial carved into the rock. Whether it still tells the correct time?


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Paso de las Rocas – Corpus Christi in Valencia

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The Paso de las Rocas is the 2nd of the Corpus Christi day parades, which were celebrated this year on June 14th. Click here to read our post about the first parade, the cabalgata del Convite.

The Rocas are huge wooden floats, some of them dating from the 16th century, which depict Biblical and other religious events important to Valencia and are only brought out during Corpus Christi.


During the parade, 2 horses drag each Roca through the city streets. These things are heavy. While the parade route is downhill (down Calle Bolsería, for example) the horses don’t have any problems. At the parade’s end, though, their luck changes. The final stretch, towards the Archbishop’s palace is uphill.

“That’s no problem!”, thinks the littlest horse, turning towards his larger and stronger buddy. “Together, we can do anything!”


For the final uphill stretch, they unhitch the larger horse and force the smaller one to go it alone. And the onlookers bet on whether or not he’ll make it. As long as one doesn’t belong to PETA or have too strong a view on animal cruelty, it’s awesome. Those little horses — almost ponies — fight, struggle, pull and collapse onto one knee, in their furious efforts to drag the Rocas those final few meters.

Add it to the list of weird Valencian parades. There are more than enough.


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Cinema Jove Starts Tonight

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We previewed Valencia’s biggest film festival, Cinema Jove, last week. Today, the event gets underway with a special screening of The Art of Stealing in the Teatro Principal.

The Art of Stealing

I took some time to page through the program today, and can verify that there are a lot of films to choose from. A couple of the movies making up the official selection look great — particularly Norway’s Nord and Sweden’s Involuntary Discretions.

Laurent Cantet

Laurent Cantet is one of the main protagonists of this year’s festival. The French director captured the world’s attention with his Palme d’Or winning masterpiece The Class. That film, based on the auto-biographical experiences of an unconventional teacher, is so real that it seems like a documentary. Cantet will be on hand in Valencia during the festival to receive an achievement award, and definitely helps augment the profile of Cinema Jove. In honor of his movie, a series of his films is being screened in the Instituto Francés (naturally).

If you have some time and are a fan of films, make sure to pick up a Cinema Jove brochure. And don’t forget to check out our film recommendation website,

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