La Pedra – Fossil & Rock Shop

Having a conversation with my father can be difficult. Since retirement, he’s turned into an avid fossil collector and usually has just one thing on the brain…

A Typical Phone Call
Hey dad, been awhile. What’s up?
Well! Went fossil hunting with Larry, and I found trilobites and an echinoderm!
Huh, you don’t say. What did you think about that OSU game?
I named the echinoderm EDDIE! Haha, Eddie the Echinoderm, how d’ya like that?!
Yup that’s, uh, clever. What’s mom up to? Could you put her on the line? Please?

And so on, for hours. So you can imagine his delight when, during his visit, we happened to walk by La Pedra — a tiny rocks & fossils shop in the center of the city (location). Dad almost ran through the glass door in his eagerness to get inside. I cringed along with the shop owner, as he greedily pawed every fragile fossil she owned.


But Dad dropped a pretty penny there, so the shock of suddenly having a clumsy, excited American inside her shop was worth it. If you have any interest in fossils, make sure to check out La Pedra. It’s small, but the collection is awesome. At least according to my dad.


La Pedra
C/ Corregería 23
665 233 678
Open Weekdays, 10:00 – 13:30
Location on our Valencia Map

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  1. Pappy Powell

    I am totally shocked at what a cruel son you are ! He spent a ton of money, of his wife’s paychecks, to visit his first born for 3 weeks. He had to painfully endure many lonely hours wandering Valencia trying to make sense of your evil directions, obviously designed to crush him into homeless status. At the end of each day, his only joy was seeing the disbelief on your face as he stumbled back to your apartment. Yet, you shamelessly mock his interest in earth’s history. Well, that’s OK, he has another son who truly appreciates his priceless wisdom of the cosmos. Oh yea….the paella and tapas you fixed were disgusting !

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