Cayetano Ripoll was a schoolteacher of humble means, executed in Valencia in 1826 by the Spanish Inquisition — the final victim of that infamous ecclesiastic tribunal.

Torture during the Inquisiton
[Gerichtsmuseum Wolkenstein]

Ripoll was accused of teaching Deism to his students in Ruzafa — an act of heresy that would be harshly punished. In the early 19th century, the Inquisition was mostly a relic, and Ripoll’s sentencing and execution were widely and roundly condemned throughout Europe. That didn’t matter to the Archbishop of Valencia, though, and on July 31st, 1826, Cayetano Ripoll was hung, his body dropped into a barrel painted with symbolic flames, and the barrel then thrown into an incinerator.

Ripoll had been a patriotic soldier who fought in the war against the invading Napoleonic forces. He was taken by the French army as a prisoner, and during his time in a French jail, exposed to liberal ideas. Deism was considered heresy, because it claimed a belief in God should come through reason and observation, not blind faith.

A plaza in Valencia, near the end of Blasco Ibáñez, is dedicated to the memory of Ripoll and this black date in Valencian history (location).

Horchata in Valencia

"Cayetano Ripoll – The Last Victim of the Inquisition" was published on August 7th,2009 and is listed in History.

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  1. msnice wrote,

    You know, that’s the kind of info tourist guides don’t give. :)

  2. Pappy Powell wrote,

    It’s very hard to understand this type of living hell existed….even worse, may still exist. Just another reason any intelligent aliens will not land.

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    […] Americans remain one of most religious people on earth, but their creed is no longer the Old Time Religion. The faith of our fathers has been supplanted to an increasing extent by "spirituality," a vague and amorphous term social scientists are still trying to define. According to a recent Pew poll, about 10 percent of believing Americans no longer call themselves religious, but spiritual. Double what it was in 1964. The results of an April 2009 Newsweek poll, are even more dramatic. Here 30 percent of believers confessed to being "spiritual, but not religious." If you account for the roughly 11 percent of Americans who are nonbelievers, we are now at a point where 41 percent of Americans hold views on religion that 200 years ago in Europe would have gotten them roasted as heretics. […]

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