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When it comes to T-Shirts with a Valencian theme, there aren’t really too many options available in souvenir shops, especially if you’re interested in unique designs. “I Heart Valencia” is about the entirety of the selection. So, we thought we’d try our luck (even though we’re not the world’s most talented graphic designers)

Our first foray into the world of T-shirt creation is this La Lonja T-shirt. We’re pleased — it actually looks wearable and has gotten us motivated.

So, we’ve started an online shop here: Valencia Souvenirs and Shirts. Every T-shirt on there can be modified to your liking. You can add text, and change shirt style or color.

Over the next couple of days we will be adding more designs. Don’t forget we’re brand new to this, so please give us feedback by leaving a comment or by rating the shirts. This will help us with future designs.

Do you think it’s a cool idea and want to help us to promote our fledgling shop? Here are couple of tools to help us to get the name out.

We look forward to hearing to your feedback.

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  1. LaPatrii

    Love it!!/ ¡¡Me encanta!!

  2. urbicande

    Great idea, the ‘Lonja’ t-shirt is my favorite…

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