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Photos from the Oktoberfest in Valencia

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On Saturday we managed to go to the Oktoberfest. We had originally planned on going for the inaugural day, but the weather wasn’t playing along.


It was a blast, but only after about 90 minutes of (1) standing in the entrance line, (2) standing in line to buy tickets for food and drink, and then (3) waiting even longer for our beer to arrive. (If you’re going, here’s a tip: make sure you order the beer on a separate ticket, so you can pick it up yourself; if it’s on the same ticket as food, you have to wait at a table for service)

Valencia’s very first Oktoberfest was well received and even got extended until Wednesday. So slip into your Lederhosen and Dirndl and off you go.




Official Website: Valencia Beerfest Beer Link: PaulanerGreat Hostels in Valencia

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Leonard Cohen Collapses On Stage in Valencia

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Just into his 4th song during his Friday night concert in Valencia’s Velódromo Luis Puig, Leonard Cohen collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The 75-year old singer/author/all-around-artist has recovered fine… it turns out to have been something he ate! A “severe attack of indigestion” was the official cause. Fans at the plaza were shocked, and it’s still unsure whether the concert will be repeated or the money refunded.

Not great advertising for Valencia’s culinary tourism!

For all you fans who had to go home early last night, here’s a concilitory video of Mr. Cohen singing his most famous song, Hallelujah:

I was introduced to Leonard Cohen as a geeky adolescent through his insane book Beautiful Losers. Not for the faint of heart… or those who’d rather avoid extremely detailed accounts of masturbation.

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Photos from Valencia – Summer is over

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Summer is over! Are you relieved, or feel kind of sad about it? Either way, here are some images from the last couple of weeks which demonstrate how the season is changing.




Photographer in Valencia

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Valencia’s Oktoberfest (in a Bullring, of course)

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Grüß Gott, mein Madel!

Starting today, September 17th, through the 21st you can experience Deutschland in Valencia, at the Bierfest in the Plaza de Toros.

This is the first time an Oktoberfest related event on this scale will be staged in the city. With typical German food, live music and … what else am I missing? Oh yes, bucketloads of beer. A liter of beer (or Maß, auf Deutsch) will set you back €7,50. That’s a pretty decent price.

Jürgen is German, so he’s pretty pumped about this. (Bratwurst! Sauerkraut! Paulaner!) Hah, I just made him drool all over himself. He gets his Oktoberfest, and soon I get my American rodeo… Who knew September would be full of such remembrances of home?!

The bierfest is open daily from 13:00 – 02:30, and entrance is free. We’ll be posting pictures soon! And sometime tonight, after our 4th liter, OMG we’ll totally be *TWEETING* and *FACEBOOKING* mobile vids of ourselves like totally wasted, probably either puking or pretending to be bulls. Probably both simultaneously. ROFL.

Official Website

Valencia Souvenirs

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Kasparov vs. Karpov – Ultimate Chess Fighting

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Garry Kasparov and Anatoli Karpov are both living legends in the world of chess. Their encounters have always been historic and, this September, “Karpov v. Kasparov” is coming live again. In Valencia.

Checkmate, Bitch! Kasparov & Karpov in their infamous 1984 encounter [source]

From the 21st to the 25th, the masters will be competing at the Palau in the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias. Kasparov retired from the competitive chess circuit years ago, but has agreed to come to Valencia for the 25th anniversary of the historic and controversial 1984 World Championship Bout between he and Karpov.

Garry Kasparov is a fascinating (and darkly handsome) figure, who has recently made news for his fierce anti-Putin leadership, a stance has cost him his popularity inside of Russia. Karpov, meanwhile, is an active member of Russia’s political class. The two men apparently have bad blood, stemming from their heated encounters in the past, and don’t speak to each other. They’ll be staying in separate hotels while in Valencia.

Valencia’s bout format consists of 4 semi-rapid matches and 8 blitz matches over the course of the 5 days. Ticket sales have already begun, and interest has been strong around the entire world. Tickets start at around €60.

For this event, signs are going up which trumpet Valencia as the birthplace of modern chess. Interesting… that’s something I hadn’t heard, and while the claim may be overly bold, it appears that there is some evidence to back it up

More Information at

Valencia T-Shirts 3$ off until Saturday with code: PIRATEDAYTEE

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