December 2009 Valencia Street Photography

Another set of snapshots I took while exploring the the wonderful city of Valencia.

oldtimer-valencia flying-to-valencia valencia-nuns rainbow-fountain selling-olives seats-bullfight-arena not-faked cute-cooked-piglet

Kiosco-Pergola bottle-trees selling-onions


almuerzo watch-dog psycho-dolls olives-and-lime

street-musician-valencia selling-twigs ruins-near-muvim rita-valenciaOMG! Rità is it you?

Fotografo en Valencia

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  1. Owain

    Great pix. Poor piggy. Scary dolls. Wait for the Rita backlash… 😉

  2. Pappy Powell

    Oh my gosh, I always wondered whatever happened to Babe, who starred in at least 2 great movies. This is kind of the sad, but predictable ending for most of Hollywood’s best ….a flash in the pan…..yummy ! Watch closely, the doll on the right blinks….very scary. Did Chucky tear open a can of Whoop Ass on those 4 junk yard dogs? Good !

  3. Victoria Larraz

    Great post on this my new fave blog. Keep up the great work with the amazing pictures you put up. The Rita comment was hilarious!

  4. valencia blog


    we have to thank you for visiting our site. I wish Rita would wear that outfit one day, hehe!

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