Along with thousands of other gluttons for punishment, Jürgen and I returned to the beach on Sunday afternoon for the rescheduled Mascletà Napolitana. This time, we were in luck — although the rain had been a constant threat all day, it didn’t begin until after the fireworks had already started.

For 20 minutes, the mascletà thundered on Malvarossa beach. Massive booms, and special tricks like whistling fireworks, and an explosion which revealed a parachuting Valencian flag delighted the on-lookers.

The overcast skies made it a gray affair, not nearly as beautiful as last year’s. But for those dedicated enough to show up, it was still pretty awesome.















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"Fallas 2010: Mascletà Napolitana" was published on March 8th,2010 and is listed in Fallas, Photography, Video.

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  1. Sickest Firework You Will Ever See wrote,

    […] Watch it here: Mascletà Napolitana […]

  2. FWK-ART wrote,

    Wie immer, total beeindruckende Fotos.
    Hab mich mal wieder bedient :)

    Danke sehr und antworte mal bitte auf meine Email 😉

    LG René

  3. Das 2 Tonnen Feuerwerk wrote,

    […] Das Video: Mascletà Napolitana […]

  4. Epic Fireworks wrote,

    Many thanks for the post.

  5. plm wrote,

    Why would you use fireworks in the daylight ?

  6. mpowell wrote,

    @plm – That’s the first thing I thought when I learned about mascletàs, too! For these daytime fireworks, the emphasis is really on the sound they produce, as opposed to the colorful explosions. They’re two different kinds of experience (and Valencians like both!)

  7. Fallas en El Cabanyal « Esgarraet wrote,

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  8. Best Firework of 2012 wrote,

    […] and here are couple of them I filmed: Firework Wake Up Call, Earthquake Firework during the Day, Beach Firework and so on .. you get the point ! Now, hello tourist board of Dubai, how about inviting to travel […]

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