In a day that also so Germany crush England in the World Cup, 4-1, German Sebastian Vettel raced past the competition in the European Grand Prix, including second-place Lewis Hamilton of England.

Photo Credit: Julio G Milat

The first two races at the Valencia Street Circuit were roundly derided as boring by racing fans, but did that change for the better this year? Here’s a quick round-up of reactions from around the web:

The BBC’s Andrew Benson was impressed:

For the first time in its short history, the Valencia track produced a thrilling grand prix but the irony is that in doing so a potentially even better one – in terms of the battle for the lead – was lost.

But the Bleacher Report disagrees:

[Many] will argue that the Webber crash alone made this race at least a little exciting. However, whilst I agree the incident was indeed tense (and thank God both Webber and Kovalainen walked away safely), the resulting safety car actually made the race even more boring than it otherwise would have been.

The consensus seems to be however, that this year’s race was a lot better than previous editions. But was Red Bull the winner or the loser?

The race at Valencia was a very exciting one with the Red Bulls getting back in business. Vettel proved himself once again as he converted his pole to a victory in Valencia. But his partner Webber had a disappointing race as he crashed into Kovalainen and his crew flew into the side wall.

At least one team wasn’t happy at all… take it away, Ferrari:

“A scandal, that’s the opinion of so many fans and employees who are all in agreement: there is no other way to describe what happened during the European Grand Prix. The way the race and the incidents during it were managed raise doubts that could see Formula One lose some credibility again, as it was seen around the world.”

Here’s Webber’s crash, if you missed it. Thank God nobody was hurt.

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  1. Formula 1 Horror Crash in Valencia wrote,

    […] Watch: Valencia Formula 1 […]

  2. Pepe Culo wrote,

    As usual, the safety car ruined it. On a side note; any stats on ticket sales/visitors to Valencia yet, tracking the annual downhill slide of disappointed tourists since this circuit´s induction?

  3. Gilly wrote,

    I was completely schocked from the crash. But than a few moments later, when webber throws out his steering wheel, I had to laugh about his reaction.

  4. Ashleigh wrote,

    A friend of mine who was planning on visiting Valencia last week didn’t like it because it meant he couldn’t get a hotel room. 😉

  5. Lee wrote,

    Everyone in Valencia drives like this.

  6. valencia blog wrote,


    And walks like this as well, hehe!

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