The one thing Valencia has more of than church bells? Plazas! Every corner of the city is the Plaza de Somethingorother. Here are our favorite five, in no particular order:

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Bounded by the city hall building, the post office and Valencia’s emblematic fountain, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is the de facto gathering place for the citizenry, whether it’s to celebrate a mascletà or Spain’s World Cup victory.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento – Info & Pics
2010’s Final Fallas Masletà
Rodin in the Plaza de Ayuntamiento
World Cup Celebrations at the Ayuntamiento

Plaza del Patriarca

Orange trees are the dominating feature of this lovely plaza next to the old University building, La Nau. It’s named for the adjacent Colegio de Patriarca, a church & museum. On Sundays, the plaza fills with kids and well-dressed families.

Colegio del Patriarca – Introduction & History
Colegio del Patriarca Video – Bell Tower in Action
Oko Sokolo: Modern Gymnastic Theater in the Pl. Patriarca

Plaza de la Virgen

Valencia’s most famous, historic and heavily visited spot, the Plaza de la Virgen is the heart of the city. With the fountain of Neptune as a highlight, this plaza is adjacent to the Basilica and the Cathedral, and plays host to the famous Tribunal de las Aguas.

Plaza de la Virgin and Panoramic Views of Valencia
Traditional Dancing in Plaza de la Virgen
The Flower Offering to the Virgin

Plaza Dr. Collado

This cool little plaza is found right behind La Lonja, and is a favorite meeting spot for people. During Fallas, the commission always put up an interesting monument and rocks the neighbors with noisy concerts. A great place to grab a beer in the evening.

Plaza Dr. Collado – In the Heart of the City
Dr. Collado’s Café Lisboa – Meeting Spot Central

Plaza de l’Almoina

The central feature of this plaza is its large, glass-bottomed pool that shows off ruins from the beginning of Valencia’s history. From the ancient Iberians, through the Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians, the Almoina has always been at the center of Valencian civilization.

Museum of l’Almoina – Centuries of Ruins
Valencia’s Roman Origins

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Comments on "Hola Valencia’s Top Five: Plazas": 8 Comments

  1. AJS wrote,

    Biased but Plaza Arzobispo would be my first choice to live, Negrito is always good for a drink and San Luis Bertran is lovely even with one decaying building.

    All have in common fountains. If Dr. Collado had a fountain and a bit more shade it would be perfect. It already has a couple of old olive trees and character.

  2. Ashleigh wrote,

    We went to Valencia a couple of weekends ago. Had to interrupt my posts to do some World Cup ones…but more to follow…love your city. Can’t wait to go back!!!

  3. adomon wrote,

    It’s not Neptuno in Plaza de la Virgen, it’s Padre Turia (father Turia river) and the young ladies surrounding are the main Azequias (irrigation channels dating more than one thousand years)
    …. happy to teach anything about Valencia to HolaValencia :-p

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