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Flamenco in Valencia – Radio City

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Flamenco Valencia-4

Every Tuesday night, there is a Flamenco session at Radio City (location). We went this week, and had an excellent time.

I’m not an expert in Flamenco (and in fact, before I bought a Camarón de la Isla album 4 weeks ago, I had never really listened to it at all), but I think the performance in Radio City was pretty great. The performers all seemed to be a part of the same, extended Gypsy family. There were two singers, an older matriarchal figure & a younger one who looked as though she was giving birth, so pained was her expression while singing. Two guitarists provided the accompaniment — a grizzled, older dude who didn’t look up even once, and a much more lively & handsome younger man. ¡Gitano que guapo!

Flamenco Valencia-2

The musicians were fun enough to listen to (“fun” might be the wrong word — whatever it was they were wailing about cannot have been happy), but the highlight came when the dancers took the stage. First, a tall and very skinny guy stomped about, whipping his jacket from side to side and whipping himself into a frenzy. It was intense. At the apex of the dance he suddenly stopped and stared into the crowd, and at the same time the matriarch let loose with a wild gypsy howl — awesome.

And the second dancer, a woman, was even better. Every muscle was taut while she danced, and the tall guy was clapping the whole time for her, keeping the beat, yelling “Olé” and “Guapa” every once in a while. It really seemed as though the whole clan didn’t care whether an audience was there or not.

It must be said, though, that this was a stage performance, during which the audience was asked to remain quiet — not one of the wild, participatory sessions that can be found in Seville or elsewhere in Andalusia. Still, it was an incredible time.

The price is €7 and includes a drink. The show starts at 23:00, but show up a half-hour beforehand to ensure you get seats. There’s no need to buy tickets beforehand. As always, make sure to check the website of Radio City, to verify that this information hasn’t changed.

Link: Radio City
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April 26, 2008 at 9:18 am Comments (3)

North Dakota Western Bar

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My very first night in Valencia — just hours after I had arrived and signed the contract for our new apartment — I was invited out for dinner, by a guy in my building. I was exhausted, but agreed to meet him and his friends for pizza.

After getting a few glasses of wine in my system, I was feeling better and agreed to go out for a drink after dinner. This is how I ended up at my first gay bar in Valencia: North Dakota Western Bar.

North Dakota Bar

Although it’s close to where we live, I’m not sure how often Juergen and I are going to stop in. The main reason is that it caters to bears — at least, that’s what I assumed from the fliers advertising a Mr. Bear 2008 pageant the next evening. I have nothing against that subculture, but it’s not really my scene (I’m more of a ‘cub’, if anything). Still, the bar was cool and I appreciated the American West decor. A fun first night out in the city.

Link: North Dakota Western Bar
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