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La Lluna – Vegetarian in Carmen

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Looking for something a little different than paella and bravas, we decided to check out La Lluna — a vegetarian restaurant near the Pl. de Mossen Sorell in Carmen (location).


La Lluna is small, and offers a non-smoking eating area in the downstairs. The menu is completely vegetarian and all-natural, and everything we had was delicious.

Although it was a Wednesday, every table in the restaurant was occupied — owing perhaps as much to the quality of the food as the excellent value. The menú del día gets you a soup, two plates and dessert for just €7,50. Drinks were extra, but we still ended up paying just €9 per person.

And the food really is fresh and natural. I decided to sample the selection of juices, and almost spit out my first gulp as I realized that the “Lemon Juice” I ordered was exactly that. Maybe it’s the American in me, but I expect my juices to be sugary, watered-down approximations of the fruit they claim to contain! I’ve never drank a glass full of actual lemon juice, and I think I liked it. I think.


La Lluna is currently on its summer schedule, closed from August 14th until September. But when it re-opens, make sure to check it out!

La Lluna – Restaurante Vegetariano
San Ramón 23
46003 Valencia
963 922 146
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Sidreria el Molinón

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Just off colorful Plaza Tossal, you’ll find a wonderful Asturian sidrería (cider bar & restaurant) called El Molinón. This a great place to get dinner, and definitely earns Hola Valencia’s seal of approval.


The ingredients are imported directly from Asturias, so the cuisine must be pretty authentic (though we can’t vouch for that, having never made the trip to Spain’s beautiful northern region). Everything we’ve ever ordered at El Molinón has been delicious. The staff is friendly and happy to explain any questions you might have about the menu, which features a lot of interesting tapas and dishes you won’t see in other restaurants in Valencia.

El Molinón boasts an excellent selection of wines, and the list is found in an interesting place: written in chalk on the slate walls. A fun, distinguishing touch. Juergen & I haven’t ordered wine there, though, because we’re too enthralled with the deliciously bitter cider, which must be poured from a distance into the glass to best release its flavor.


The restaurant is popular and gets extremely crowded on the weekends, so show up early or be prepared for an hour long wait at the bar. Every time we leave, buzzing from cider, we excitedly make plans for a trip to Oviedo… which sadly never come to fruition.

Sidrería el Molinón
C/ Bollsería 40
96 391 1538
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Great Pizza in Valencia

Alquiler todo incluido

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Our Favorite Pizza in Valencia: Endavant

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pizza Endavant

Our former landlord told us about this tiny pizza place behind the Cathedral, which fits maybe 20 people.

The space is small, and the oven is right behind that counter – so it can get pretty warm and smoky during the summer. Why do we like Endavant, then? Well, the only thing better than their pizza is the price.


Don’t miss the cheese fondue as a starter – so yummy, so cheesy, so sinful. Endavant is the perfect place for a small group to start a fun night out. If there’s no free tables, you can also call in, pick up your pizza and make the short stroll over to the Turia riverbed.


Pizzeria Endavant

Calle de los Venerables 3

Phone: 963 923 929 ( make reservations, this place fills up quickly!)

Location on our Valencia Restaurant Map

First image by: Vicente Reig

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Visiting the Diocesan Cathedral Museum

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Tucked inside the massive Cathedral of Valencia, you can find the Diocesan Cathedral Museum — a set of exhibition rooms filled with art and artifacts not used for worship.


The most difficult part of visiting the museum is finding it. Following the cryptic instructions of the information lady, I felt almost transported into The DaVinci Code. “The golden sun … can be found… through a door in the chapel of St. Frances Borgia … look for it under the Goya, but not that of the demons … and hurry, my love: They’re after you“.

Once you find the museum (and elude the murderous monk on your tail), the first thing you’ll see is a huge golden sun. This is the largest monstrance (vessel for the Eucharistic host) in the world. Impressive.


The rest of the museum is small but filled with interesting works, including the original sculptures from the Door of the Apostles, and paintings by Juan de Juanes. A curious exhibit features small sculptures from a scene depicting the circumcision of Christ.


However the highlight of visiting the museum is not literally found inside of it — the huge paintings by Goya occupying the lateral walls of the Chapel of St. Francis Borgia. Particularly of interest is the painting on the right-hand wall, showing St. Francis attempting to convert an unrepentant man on his death bed. This is the first appearance of demons in Goya’s work.


The museum can be visited in conjunction with the rest of the Cathedral — the entrance costs €4 and includes an audio guide (available in English). It’d be easy to visit the Cathedral and never know the museum exists, since it’s so hidden.

Diocesan Cathedral Museum – More Info from the Cathedral’s Official Website

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Bar Damas – Alleyway Eating at its Finest

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Blink and you’ll miss it, as you’re walking away from the heavy traffic and commotion of Calle La Paz towards the relative tranquility of the Plaza del Colegio del Patriarca. In fact, even if you do see Bar Damas, tucked away on an nondescript little alley, you’d be forgiven for walking briskly by it. We encourage you, however, not to do so. This tiny bar is one of the area’s highlights — the leisure and comfort of a village pub, in a neighborhood otherwise too busy to rest.

Every morning this bar is packed full with people on their way to work. Everyone seems to know each other, and nobody minds the somewhat grimy ambiance of the alley. In the summer, you’ll be lucky to find a place to sit outside, even though Bar Damas offers no view apart from the brick building just a couple meters away.


As to why it’s so popular… it’s difficult to say! The coffee is extremely good, the breakfasts are cheap, the service is friendly. Maybe it’s the combination which encourages patrons to keep returning. It worked on us.


We recently went for lunch, for the first time. It was as delicious and simple as we expected it to be — paella, arroz del horno (rice from the oven), grilled chicken, wine — all the staples of a basic Valencian diet, present and accounted for. Bar Damas isn’t a restaurant of surprises, but of familiar, comfortable food in cozy surroundings. To find the dining room, you have to go into the bar, towards the back, and up a clandestine flight of stairs. Once on the second floor, you’d wonder whether you’ve walked into the proprietor’s living room, if not for the tables.


The menú del día is €9.50, and includes everything you’d probably expect — two plates, drink, bread, dessert and coffee. It’s an excellent escape for busy people, and highly recommended.

Location on our Valencia Map

Calle De Las Damas
46002 Valencia

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