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Spain: The Best Country in the World

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What a glorious finale to an incredible month of soccer. Last night, all of Spain collapsed in an ecstatic fit when Andrés Iniesta slammed home his winning goal in extra time. Spain is the best country in the world. I mean that. The best country in the world.

Yo Soy Espanol

It’s as though the tournament had been scripted! The Spaniards weren’t just the World Cup’s best team, but the classiest. Fair play and a beautiful passing game have come to define La Roja. They’re also the bestlooking team in the world. Hands down. And in the Netherlands, they had an almost comically villainous opponent — the dirty-playing, karate-kicking, flopping, petulant Dutch.

They were the good guys. Spain deserved to win. And then, they did! THEY WON! When the tension couldn’t possibly have gotten any more unbearable, Andrés Iniesta freed his country from a legacy of defeat. Spain is the best country in the world.

Check out our awesome video of the celebration at Café Burlón in Valencia, and afterwards at Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Congratulations Spain! You richly deserve this victory. And, although I’m not a native, I hope you don’t mind me singing along… ¡Yo soy español, español, español!

¡Yo soy español, español, español!

Valencia Spain Weltmeister

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Reactions from Valencia’s 3rd F1 Race

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In a day that also so Germany crush England in the World Cup, 4-1, German Sebastian Vettel raced past the competition in the European Grand Prix, including second-place Lewis Hamilton of England.

Photo Credit: Julio G Milat

The first two races at the Valencia Street Circuit were roundly derided as boring by racing fans, but did that change for the better this year? Here’s a quick round-up of reactions from around the web:

The BBC’s Andrew Benson was impressed:

For the first time in its short history, the Valencia track produced a thrilling grand prix but the irony is that in doing so a potentially even better one – in terms of the battle for the lead – was lost.

But the Bleacher Report disagrees:

[Many] will argue that the Webber crash alone made this race at least a little exciting. However, whilst I agree the incident was indeed tense (and thank God both Webber and Kovalainen walked away safely), the resulting safety car actually made the race even more boring than it otherwise would have been.

The consensus seems to be however, that this year’s race was a lot better than previous editions. But was Red Bull the winner or the loser?

The race at Valencia was a very exciting one with the Red Bulls getting back in business. Vettel proved himself once again as he converted his pole to a victory in Valencia. But his partner Webber had a disappointing race as he crashed into Kovalainen and his crew flew into the side wall.

At least one team wasn’t happy at all… take it away, Ferrari:

“A scandal, that’s the opinion of so many fans and employees who are all in agreement: there is no other way to describe what happened during the European Grand Prix. The way the race and the incidents during it were managed raise doubts that could see Formula One lose some credibility again, as it was seen around the world.”

Here’s Webber’s crash, if you missed it. Thank God nobody was hurt.

A visit to Philadelphia

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Trauma at Café Burlón

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Here are two pictures I took at Café Burlón, before and after Spain’s shock loss to Switzerland.

Suicide notwithstanding, this was a great place to watch the Spain game. Everyone was clad in jerseys, chanting and screaming. Great atmosphere. Here’s the location. Wear red.

[comic image from War of the Supermen #4]

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Valencia Gets 2 Top-Flight Teams Next Year

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Congratulations to Levante UD, who beat Castellón on Saturday to seal their spot in the top Spanish league next year. Which means soccer fans here will have twice as many chances to watch the sport at its highest level… I hope that Real Madrid and Barcelona enjoy Valencia, cause they’ll each be visiting it twice next season.


On a related note… what exactly is up with Valencian soccer “fans”? I have never seen a people so utterly disinterested in the World Cup, and that includes the USA! Yesterday, I was at a bar watching the Netherlands defeat Denmark and, although the place was full, I was literally the only one paying any attention. Even after a goal, no one looked up. Even the guy wearing a Valencia soccer jersey! It’s been that way in every bar I’ve been to … the only people watching the games are foreigners. The Spaniards couldn’t care less. They even seem to be making a little show of how much they don’t care.

What is that?

June 15, 2010 at 1:39 pm Comments (2)

Where oh Where Will I Watch the World Cup?!

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I know. Usually, we try and provide you with information about the city. But this time, I’m stuck. The World Cup begins tomorrow and I have no idea where to watch it!

When we lived in Berlin, every bar had huge screen televisions set up outside, on street corners or in makeshift gardens. The city had set up gigantic screens in the public gardens. There were hundreds of awesome places to catch a game, in every neighborhood. But here in Valencia? I’m not sure!

I don’t necessarily mind watching the games on a small TV, but preferable would be a BIG screen, with seating outside. Do any of our readers have a suggestion?

Update: Las Provincias reports that you can watch some games in 3D at certain cinemas. Now, I have to figure out where the hell either Yelmo Cines, Cinesa or Kinépolis are!

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June 10, 2010 at 4:29 pm Comments (9)

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