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We Shall Never Forget Thee, David Villa!

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Hmph, try not to look too happy, bub

Death. Taxes. The departure of David Villa. There are just a few things in life that are unavoidable, and the dreaded day has finally arrived in Valencia. An era is over. But everyone knew it was coming, so it’s better just to remember the good times. The world’s best striker no longer plays for Valencia, but for the world’s best team. There’s something fitting about it. Sigh.

My buddy’s girlfriend just left him for another guy. It’s rough. But the other guy is really cool, successful and good looking. Totally the right move, from her perspective. And as much as I want to comfort my pal, she was too good for him. It was just a matter of time.

So, Mr. Villa, we won’t be angry. At least it’s Barcelona and not Real Madrid! At least you’re staying in Spain, and not being shipped off to the Premier League! Best of luck in the future, hope you’re happy and win all sorts of championships, and blah blah blah.

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DTM Racing in Valencia

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We just arrived home from a week in Germany, spent visiting friends and family. My head is swimming with all things sauerkraut, sausage and hefeweizen, so I was amused to see that Valencia is hosting an event for DTM, the German touring car championship, this weekend. I thought I had escaped die Deutschen, but no luck — Valencia will be swimming with them this weekend.

Taking place at Cheste’s Ricardo Tormo circuit, the race is a warm-up for next month’s Formula 1 event. Ralf Schumacher (aka, the “other” Schumacher) is among the 18 drivers who’ll be present and zipping the touring cars at speeds of over 300km/h around the track.

Tickets start at just €5, so if you like racing but can’t stomach shelling out hundreds of Euros for the Formula 1, this might be just the thing for you. The event’s ten races take place on the 21st – 23rd of May.

More information at

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Global Champions Tour – Horses Gone Wild

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The Global Champions Tour is currently occupying the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias. It’s a bizarre and compelling venue for an equestrian competition.


They’ve laid down half a foot of sand in the pool near the Science Museum (specially imported from Lyon, because… you know, that Lyonnaise sand!) and set up courses, stables and a multitude of ritzy shops. Our favorite store? Horse Gym 2000, of course! With a horse treadmill. I will never, ever get tired of the ridiculousness of humanity.

We spent some time walking around yesterday, and had a lot of fun. Tickets start at just €5, which really seems like a bargain. The competition is exciting… we saw a few hurdle springing events, where the riders are judged on both form and speed. If you’re into horses, you really should get down there. And if you’re not? Hell, it’s still a interesting way to spend an afternoon. Today’s the last day, so get going!


Unlocking your Movistar iPhone (Good Luck)

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VCF – Champions League Bound!

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What an incredible turnaround this season for Valencian Football. After the disastrous 2008-2009 campaign, when the club was mired in debt, with a huge new stadium they couldn’t afford to complete, VCF looked likely to be relegated. At the very least, experts agreed, they’d have to sell off all their stars — top-tier teams across Europe were eager to swoop down on Valencia’s stinking corpse and snatch up their stellar talent for pennies.

Los Che & their fans deserve to celebrate [Alberto Iranzo / David González –]

But Valencia ignored its debt, stubbornly kept all its best players, and this year has played incredible, inspired football, likely saving the club. With last night’s 3-1 victory over Xerez, Valencia has qualified for the Champions League. And the cash which will flow in from that competition (€3 million, just for qualifying) is sorely needed.

The Guardian has a terrific article explaining how Valencia was able to bluff its way back to life.

“The question is how did they do it? [… A] little help from friends in very high places. Sometimes even a rubbish hand can be a winning hand if you know how to ride it out – and when it comes to poker faces and playing hardball, few beat Valencia president Manolo Llorente.” Read Full Article

With Levante UD likely to ascend to the top flight next season, this is turning out to be a banner year for Valencian football.

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Valencia CF – Ripped Off Again

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I’m beginning to believe in a Europe-wide officiating conspiracy against Valencia. There’s no other way to explain the constant, laughably terrible calls which have gone against the side.

Foul? What foul? The picture says it all

Last night, in the 86th minute of a 0-0 match, Nikola Zigic was practically mugged in the penalty area. The foul was so blatant that his shirt was even ripped open. But the ref didn’t see a thing! None of his assistants did either! It’s was the most ridiculous non-call I’ve ever seen, and the players went rightly nuts. Valencia’s coach, Unai Emery, lost his mind and was booted from the game because of his vociferous protestations. The game ended 0-0, and Valencia was eliminated from the Europa League.

What the hell?! How does a referee capable of making such terrible calls end up in charge of Europa League games? This guy, Florian Meyer from Germany, should be fired. I’m looking for video of the incident, but haven’t found anything embeddable yet… leave a comment if you’ve found one.

How about you actually use that whistle, jerk?
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