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Fallas 2010: Upcoming Events

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For hostel/hotel bookings during Fallas, we’ve found the best rates at Hostelbookers and


We feel for everyone who can’t make it to this year’s Fallas, but hopefully the content we’ve posted so far helps soothe the pain!

And we’re feeling for everyone who lives in Valencia and can’t wait to get the hell out of here and away from the noise!

Fallas has just begun, so there are a lot of events coming up… Here are some of them:

  • Everyday at 2pm, the Grand Mascletà in Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • March 6th: Mascletà Napolitana at Las Arenas beach (highly recommended) starts at 6pm
  • March 6th: Turning on the famous street lights of Calle Sueca at 9pm (we’re not sure of that time — can anyone confirm?)
  • March 6th: Cabalgata del Ninot starts at 10:30pm, ending with a color Mascletà in the Ayuntamiento
  • March 7th: Cant de l’Estoreta is a neat little kids parade at 11am which ends with a Mini Mascletà

We’ll let you know about more events after the weekend, otherwise it’s just too much. For last-minute event updates, keep your eye on our twitter account: @valenciablog

And if you have any information or tips about this Fallas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always looking for a good Fallas story. And if you’ve got a good spot to watch a Mascletà, fireworks or the Cremà, hook us up!

Anyone else in Fallas fever?

Best Youth Hostel for Fallas / What is Fallas?

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Sunday Flea Market at the Mestalla

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Looking to pick up some junk fished out of garbage containers? Then head on down to the Mestalla this Sunday and marvel at the wonders of the Flea Market!!


The Sunday morning flea market in Plaza Lluis Casanovas, adjacent to the Mestalla, is probably the best known & biggest in the city. We went a few weeks ago, and were amazed at how crowded and popular it was.

I was skeptical before arriving, but this actually wasn’t so bad. Yes, there were some blankets spread out where the trash for sale was literally trash. But there were also a lot of acceptably decent items as well. If you’re in the market for things like picture frames, used books, ornamental figures or second-hand toys and trinkets of all sorts, you’ll be in heaven here.

We loved the flea markets of Berlin during our time there, particularly in Friedrichshain, and while the Sunday Mestalla market doesn’t quite rise to the same level of quality, it comes decently close.

Spanish Bargain Site


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BioParc – Tickets in September at Child Prices

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Hoping to drum up some post-summer business, the Valencia Bioparc is selling all tickets at their children’s price. Curiously, in their ads which trumpet this (“In September, we’re all children!”) they don’t bother to mention what exactly the children’s price is.

It’s €15,50. That’s still expensive, but a €5,50 discount on the normal adult tariff of €21. So if you’ve been meaning to check out this awesome zoo, September might be the right month to do it.

ABC B&B Valencia
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Michael Schumacher in Valencia!!

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*Update: Schumi will be NOT racing in Valencia

For our German speaking readers: Tipps zum Michael Schumacher Rennen in Valencia


Photo: Christian Janke

Finally a bit of great news for Valencia! The legendary Michael Schumacher is stepping in for Ferrari and will be racing in the city’s Formula 1 race, held on August 23rd.

Just like that, Valencia will be hosting the most anticipated F1 race in years. Even I, who could care less about racing, am excited about it! Ticket sales for the race, which had been stagnating, are now sure to get a boost. Who needs stinking Alonso?!

Information on tickets is available on the official webpage fo the Fomula 1 in Valencia, via Corte Ingles or Bancaja. When everything is already sold out (which will happen quickly, if it hasn’t already), then Ebay might be able to help! Valencia Formula 1 Tickets.

Alright, so you’ve got your tickets, your Schumacher t-shirts and Ferrari ballcap… but how do you get to Valencia? You can try and find plane tickets to Valencia with our favorite price comparison egines:

Priceline lights, HHotels, Rental Cars & More!

Flights Under $200 (468x60)

Finally, the problem of finding accommodation. You can check out our list of hotels and hostels, but again — act quick or you might be out of luck. If you’re stumped, don’t hesitate in contacting us directly — we might be able to help out.

Here some budget handpicked budget places:

This is exciting! Schumacher is one of the most famousus sportsmen in the world, and Valencia has really been blessed with a stroke of luck.

Photographer Valencia

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Ruzafa or Russafa?

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I’m sorry, Valencia. I think you’re just about the best city in the world, and holding onto your culture is a noble goal. But trying to keep straight the multiple spellings of place names is slowly driving me insane.

Officially, signs are all in Valencian. This can lead to great confusion for tourists, whose maps are all in Castilian, and who have walked by Carrer Baix a hundred times while searching for Calle Baja. And though my days of getting lost are (mostly) behind me, I’m not immune. Looking back through my journal, I’ve used the names “Russafa”, “Ruzafa” and “Rusafa” almost interchangeably for the cool neighborhood on the city’s south-east side. So, let’s try and get this settled.

Here are a few which have always caused me trouble:

Castellano Valencià Just Wrong
Ruzafa Russafa Rusafa
Malvarrosa Malva-rosa Malvarosa
Cabañal Cabanyal Cabin, Y’all

Any others to add to this list? Luckily, they’re all pronounced similarly, so you’re unlikely to run into trouble unless you’re writing…

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May 25, 2009 at 2:19 pm Comments (8)

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