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Fallas 09 – Weekend Events

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Just a quick note about some things to look forward to this weekend.

Show up early for the afternoon mascletàs at 14:00 in the Pl. Ayuntamiento — with the great weather forecast for the weekend, the plaza will fill up quickly. The mascletàs are likely going to be outstanding.

Cabalgata Folklórica
At 22:30 on Saturday night, a folkloric parade marches around the city center, ending at the Pl. Ayuntamiento. Groups from all over Spain, and the rest of the world, are represented, and this is a fun, musical parade. It will end with a color mascletà.

La Plantà
All over the city, fallas organizations will be working throughout Sunday, setting up their monuments. A lot of the work, you might notice, has already been done on the larger monuments. But La Plantà is the traditional act of erecting the statues. The plantà is officially scheduled between 8am and midnight, and once it’s done Fallas is really underway!

Fireworks Show
On Sunday night at 1am is the first traditional fireworks show at el Paseo Alameda. These shows are always incredible, so it’s worth staying up late into the night to see it. And just think: 1am is actually scheduled early. The rest of the shows (on the 16th, 17th and 18th) are even later.

It’s going to be a full weekend… Ready?! Then stop reading this blog and get down to the Ayuntamiento already! It’s time!

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Concerts at the Viveros Gardens – Feria de Julio

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The beautiful Gardens of the Viveros is playing host to 15 concerts during the month of July, as part of the city’s Feria de Julio. All begin at 22:15.

Boney M: Ain’t No Stoppin the Fuuuuuuuunk!

The series kicks off tonight with crooner Salvatore Adamo. Other highlights include Gloria Gaynor (whether she’ll sing “I Will Survive”? Even odds!), Boney M, the slightly disturbing Loreena McKennitt and Pereza. A full list of concerts is here.

We’re most excited about Elbicho, who play fusion flamenco (better than it sounds!) Check it:

Tickets prices vary according to the concert, and are available at El Corte Inglés, Bancaja, Carrefour, Fnac, Ticktackticket, or the ticket offices of the Viveros 2 hours before the concerts begin.

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2008 Fira Alternativa

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Fira Alternativa-2
Hey there, Hippie! Where are you headed to, on your wacky Hippiebike?

Fira Alternativa-3
Of course, the Hippie festival! That makes sense.

This past weekend, scarves, dreadlocks, nose rings, body odor, and the people who love such things convened in the Turia riverbed for Valencia’s 21st Alternative Festival. We ventured down, and were happy to discover a really fun collection of stands, products and entertainment.

Fira Alternativa-15

Fira Alternativa-16

Fira Alternativa-14

Fira Alternativa-12

Fira Alternativa-10

Fira Alternativa-6

Organic chocolates, beers, breads… Valencian tomatoes… clothing, bags, jewelry… anything your inner alternative child could possibly want. We met a German bread-maker who had traveled to Valencia to sell her baked goods, and sampled some of the organic beer on hand.

Fira Alternativa-11

Fira Alternativa-13

Fira Alternativa-9

Fira Alternativa-8

Fira Alternativa-7

It was a lot of fun — more for the people-watching than anything else. A note, though, to the dreadlocked white dude wearing a Jamaican stocking cap and practicing capoeira from Brazil — keep your cultures straight! Does simply embracing the stereotypical symbols of well-known countries make a person “alternative”? Would a Spanish woman dressed in a sari, doing a Polka dance be as cool & hip as the capoeira Jamaica dude?

And a note to the girl who yelled at us for taking a picture of her stand… Fine! No mention on for your stupid clothes. Who’s crying now?!

Link to the Festival’s Official Page

Location on our Valencia Map

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