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Fallas 2010: Na Jordana – 7th Place

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Na Jordana’s monument impressed most in the evening hours, when its haunted mansion and creepy figures were lit up and given an extra air of spookiness.


Filmed with the Sanyo VPC – CS 1 (super tiny) available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain

The motto this year was “Pelqueveigesticboig”, which I’m not even going to try and translate. Na Jordana is most well-known for its sense of humor. Consistent front-runners for the prize rewarding wit and ingenuity, they took it home again this year. Their monument was dedicated to insanity, a theme which provides ample comic opportunity. Dancing pigs and elephants atop a street light, a huge cow dragging her udders across the ground, and the highlight: Dr. Jeckyll’s conversion into Mr. Hyde.

7th place is probably a disappointment for the Na Jordana commission, but their monument was a lot of fun, and they should be proud of it. It’s become one of the monuments we most look forward to.


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Fallas 2010: The Lights of Ruzafa

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This year, the competition for the Best Lights Display award has heated up! Two other commissions, Cuba-Literato Azorín and Cuba-Puerto Rico are challenging the perennial victors Sueca-Literato Azorín. “Enough of the dominance”, the upstart commissions cry! “This year, you won’t have it so easy!”

But… yes, they will. Sueca is going to win again this year, easily. Good show Cuba-LA & Cuba-PR but, you don’t have a prayer. Sueca continues to occupy a stratosphere all its own — no other lights display in Valencia comes close to matching its brilliance.

We definitely appreciate the effort, though, and Cuba-LA’s lights are beautiful — a deep blue illuminating the street. The intensified competition makes a visit to the coolest, and most Fallas-crazy neighborhood in Valencia even more enticing.

strong>Filmed with the Sanyo VPC – CS 1 (super tiny) available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain


Calle Sueca Lights 2009

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IVAM – Mean Streets & My Mother’s Suitcase

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The weather hasn’t been the greatest in the Valencian Community recently, so we spent one rainy afternoon at the IVAM — Valencia’s modern art museum — where there’s almost always a new exhibit worth seeing.

Mean Streets (Malas Calles) is a confusing mish-mash; an interdisciplinary examination of how “the streets” have affected and shaped modern culture. That’s what it’s supposed to be about, at any rate. Really, the exhibition is better described as a completely random collection of good music, great films, interesting photography, weird art, and extremely boring video projections. Much of it has a very tenuous connection to “the streets” (Fritz Lang’s Metropolis? Happens underground! In an imaginary future!), but once I stopped trying to “figure out” the reasoning behind the selections, I enjoyed myself.


My Mother’s Suitcase is a sculpture collection by Natividad Navalón, which we liked quite a bit. Using materials like iron, towels, water and light, the artist examines the relationship between a mother and her daughter, in 5 rooms. This is the kind of modern art I can get behind. Moving and accessible without pretension.

My Mother’s suitcase only runs through February 21st, so hurry down. Mean Streets is on until May 9th.

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Official Website

More images from My Mother’s Suitcase:


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Valencia.Art – Festival of Contemporary Art

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The 5th edition of Valencia.Art, a festival celebrating Contemporary Valencian art, is set to take place in the Centro del Carmen (location) on the first four days of October.

This is the first time that the festival isn’t being held in a hotel, and the stunning grounds of the Carmen Center definitely represent a step up.

29 galleries from around Spain and Portugal will have stands set up around the center. Entrance is free.

Official Website (Spanish)
Location of el Centro del Carmen

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Famous Drawings at El Centro del Carmen

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Van Gogh: Cabeza de una Campesina

Two centuries of hand-drawn sketches by some of the world’s most famous artists have just gone on display at the Centro del Carmen (location) — the beautiful museum, found in the center of the ancient city.

The works of masters like Picasso, Dalí, Goya, as well as non-Spanish artists like Klimt, Matisse and Julian Freud are highlighted in the exhibition, which has also toured Dallas, Texas and Madrid.

The exhibition lasts until the 29th of March, so there’s plenty of time to get there. El Centro de Carmen is worth a visit all by itself … a former convent from the 13th century, featuring a lovely courtyard, the Museum is a great place to spend a few afternoon hours, even if you’re not interested in art. Plus, entrance is always free!

centro del carmen-1

Centro del Carmen on our Valencia Map

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