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¡Hola, Oviedo!

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Hola Oviedo, and hasta pronto Valencia. In a few days, we’ll be packing up our things and moving to the beautiful capital of Asturias for three months. August, September and October will be spent drinking cider.

Since we won’t be here, Hola Valencia will be taking a little breather. But you can follow our Asturian adventures on a new blog: and twitter account:


The name “For 91 Days” might give you a hint of the direction in which we’re taking our lives. Basically, we’ll be keeping our furniture and permanent address in Valencia, which will be our base. But for most of the year, we’ll be spending 3 months at a time in random cities around Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. Our jobs are totally mobile, and we’re both born travelers, so we’re really excited to get out there.

We’ll pick the blog back up when we return to Valencia. But right now, we’ve got to start packing for our temporary move to the northern coast! In this heat, the cool Asturian climate is sounding really good.

What are your thoughts about Oviedo? Have we picked a good city to live for a few months?

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Sidreria el Molinón

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Just off colorful Plaza Tossal, you’ll find a wonderful Asturian sidrería (cider bar & restaurant) called El Molinón. This a great place to get dinner, and definitely earns Hola Valencia’s seal of approval.


The ingredients are imported directly from Asturias, so the cuisine must be pretty authentic (though we can’t vouch for that, having never made the trip to Spain’s beautiful northern region). Everything we’ve ever ordered at El Molinón has been delicious. The staff is friendly and happy to explain any questions you might have about the menu, which features a lot of interesting tapas and dishes you won’t see in other restaurants in Valencia.

El Molinón boasts an excellent selection of wines, and the list is found in an interesting place: written in chalk on the slate walls. A fun, distinguishing touch. Juergen & I haven’t ordered wine there, though, because we’re too enthralled with the deliciously bitter cider, which must be poured from a distance into the glass to best release its flavor.


The restaurant is popular and gets extremely crowded on the weekends, so show up early or be prepared for an hour long wait at the bar. Every time we leave, buzzing from cider, we excitedly make plans for a trip to Oviedo… which sadly never come to fruition.

Sidrería el Molinón
C/ Bollsería 40
96 391 1538
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