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Among Dinosaurs at the Umbracle

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As everyone knows, there is exactly one way to get children interested in the Natural Sciences: Dinosaurs. The bigger and scarier, the better.


Oh great, it’s Pipsqueak McGee, the neighborhood geek.

“My less enlightened peers may be impressed by dinosaurs, but my favorite creature of the past is the fascinating trilobite, with is easily fossilized exoskeleton.”

Shut up already, Pipsqueak. Nobody likes a nerd.

Luckily for all the cool kids in Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences is not staging a year-long exhibit entitled “Among Trilobites”. Instead, visitors to l’Umbracle will find themselves Among Dinosaurs until May 29th, 2011. Entrance to Europe’s largest collection of mechanized dinosaurs will cost €6. Nighttime visits are possible until the end of August.


From the imposing Stegosaurus to the 27 meter Diplodocus, there are twenty-six robotic dinosaurs on display. Strangely though, no Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Haha, yeah right! Of course there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex. There’s never been a dinosaur exhibit in the history of the world without one. That’s a fact, you can look it up.

More Information at

Prince Felipe Science Museum – Our Visit

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III Festival de Mediterrani

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It’s all about the ladies at the third annual Festival de Mediterrani, at the Palau de las Arts Reina Sofia. With the slogan “ELLA”, the operas featured during the month-long event were chosen for their focus on strong female characters. Richard Strauss’s Salome, based on the play by Oscar Wilde features the infamous Dance of Seven Veils and its shocking finale. And Georges Bizet’s capricious Sevillian gypsy Carmen takes the stage, as well.

We’re not really into opera much ourselves, but the festival, which runs from May 30th – June 30th, incorporates much more. Concerts, chamber music, recitals, conferences, and a number of films screened free for the public, including Gilda and The Barefoot Contessa — all in keeping with the theme of ELLA, of course.

And here’s a tip you won’t see publicized very often: at least for the festival, the Palau offers a 50% Last Minute Discount on tickets purchased 2 hours before each performance. This obviously won’t work for any sold-out performance, but could provide a great way to see an opera you don’t necessarily want to shell out the big bucks for.

More information can be found at the Palau’s official website.

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Global Champions Tour – Horses Gone Wild

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The Global Champions Tour is currently occupying the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias. It’s a bizarre and compelling venue for an equestrian competition.


They’ve laid down half a foot of sand in the pool near the Science Museum (specially imported from Lyon, because… you know, that Lyonnaise sand!) and set up courses, stables and a multitude of ritzy shops. Our favorite store? Horse Gym 2000, of course! With a horse treadmill. I will never, ever get tired of the ridiculousness of humanity.

We spent some time walking around yesterday, and had a lot of fun. Tickets start at just €5, which really seems like a bargain. The competition is exciting… we saw a few hurdle springing events, where the riders are judged on both form and speed. If you’re into horses, you really should get down there. And if you’re not? Hell, it’s still a interesting way to spend an afternoon. Today’s the last day, so get going!


Unlocking your Movistar iPhone (Good Luck)

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Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias / City of Arts and Sciences

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The City of Arts and Sciences is almost certainly the most photographed area in Valencia. Found at the end of the Turia riverbed park, I’ve been to the CAC numerous times for jogging, sightseeing, the ATP Open 500 Tennis, the science museum, the oceanographic, and the IMAX in the Hemisferic, but for some reason, I never had a big urge to take a ton of pictures. However, yesterday’s sunset inspired me and I couldn’t hold myself back from photographing the CAC.

storm-over-valencia architecture-in-Valencia valencia-this-way abstract-calatrava Opera-Calatrava Wale-calatrava behind-the-oper-valencia

calatrava-strairs calatrava calatrava-curves calatrava-on-crack wissenschafts-stadt-valenci biking-in-Valencia ciudad-de-las-ciencias-y-ar city-of-science-and-arts-va calatrava-heaven hemisperic souvenir-valencia architect-calatrava calatrava-bridge palm-prison Calatrava-palm science-museum-valencia valencia-ufo UFO-Valencia imax-valencia valencia-spain Agora-Valencia agora-building aqua-valenciaBed and Breakfast Valencia

Rental Car Valencia

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V for Valencia

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It won’t be news to any of our US-based readers, but 1983’s beloved and massively successful science fiction miniseries V is currently being given an update.

V is about a race of aliens (the “Visitors”) arriving to Earth with possibly nefarious intentions, and how humanity interacts with them. The Visitors have gigantic spaceships, the interiors of which contain mind-blowingly futuristic architecture.

Mind-blowingly futuristic architecture? Where to turn, other than Valencia’s Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias?! Calatrava’s tiled white creations have always looked like something designed by an alien race, so it might not be too surprising to see them pop up in the new series.

Pretty sweet! Though I’m in the States, I missed the series premiere. It got good reviews across the board, as intelligent sci-fiction, packed with smart ideas. Spain has to wait until December.

[via Levante-EMV]

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