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Sunday Flea Market at the Mestalla

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Looking to pick up some junk fished out of garbage containers? Then head on down to the Mestalla this Sunday and marvel at the wonders of the Flea Market!!


The Sunday morning flea market in Plaza Lluis Casanovas, adjacent to the Mestalla, is probably the best known & biggest in the city. We went a few weeks ago, and were amazed at how crowded and popular it was.

I was skeptical before arriving, but this actually wasn’t so bad. Yes, there were some blankets spread out where the trash for sale was literally trash. But there were also a lot of acceptably decent items as well. If you’re in the market for things like picture frames, used books, ornamental figures or second-hand toys and trinkets of all sorts, you’ll be in heaven here.

We loved the flea markets of Berlin during our time there, particularly in Friedrichshain, and while the Sunday Mestalla market doesn’t quite rise to the same level of quality, it comes decently close.

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Valencia’s Open Restaurant Week

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… is going on right now! Sorry about the late posting.

From June 15th until Sunday the 21st, 52 of Valencia’s best restaurants are offering great menu deals, as part of a city-sponsored event called VLC Cuina Oberta. There’s a lot of information and a map on their official website.

Each restaurant offers a lunch menu for €18 and dinner for €30. At most of the participating restaurants, this is a great deal. (At others, perhaps not — Al Pomodoro is great, and we can highly recommend going, but it’s not generally a pricey establishment; their normal midweek menú del día is a lot cheaper than €18!)

So, if there’s a restaurant you’ve been avoiding because of its price tag, this is the week to take the plunge. You have to make reservations in advance, specifically stating that you’re interested in the VLC Cuina Oberta menu.

Official Website

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