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41st Annual Book Fair in the Viveros Gardens

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There are a number of book fairs in the city, but perhaps the biggest and best of them all is the Fira del Llibre in the beautiful Viveros Gardens. This year’s festival kicks off today, and runs through the 2nd of May. Plenty of time to get there, find a good summer read, and then spend a couple of hours with it in the park.

We like it almost as much as the Wine Festival! Oh oh, now I’ve done it. Don’t be upset, Book Festival… we like you, too! We like you both, just in different ways. You’re more the type we’d eventually like to settle down with, but it’s just that… the Wine Festival is a little more fun, you know? And we’re still young!

For the next 13 days, the stands will be open from 11 to 14h and 17 to 21h. Considering the amount of programs, reading-related activities for kids, and a huge list of book signings, you might want to check out their website before heading over.
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Used books for 1 Euro, 1 Pound or one dollar!

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First Feria de Gastronómica in Valencia

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2009 has been Valencia’s year of “firsts”. The first ATP tennis tournament, US style rodeo, and Oktoberfest were among the highlights.

So now, Valencia presents the very first Feria de Gastronómica. It’s the same concept as the wine fest or the tapas fair. You buy food & beverage stamps which allow you to sample from different stands.

It’s a feast and if you see something you like you can buy larger amounts of it. Mmm, those cheeses … delicious!

Feria Gastronómica runs until this Sunday and it’s located inside Plaza de Toros.

More yummy pictures:


Great places to stay in Valencia:

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Feria de Julio Beach Firework 2009

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We managed to see the last of the 4 beach fireworks of the Feria de Juliol. And we found a great spot, sitting right next to where they set up the fireworks. Enjoy the video!

Las Cuevas: Tapas in the city center of Valencia

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Weekend Festivals – Kites & Alternahh…. tivity?

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You know summer has arrived in Valencia when every weekend is packed full of more festivals than you could possibly care to attend. They’ve even started to overflow into the work week.

Here are a couple interesting ones to look forward to this weekend:

Kite Festival at Malvarrosa

Saturday, June 6th & Sunday, June 7th, from 10:30 – 18:00


Have you ever seen The Kite Runner? Where Afghan kids stage kite fights, the object being to cut opponent’s kites with razor wire? And then one of them (spoiler) gets raped? Well, the 12th Annual Kite Festival at the Paseo Maritimo this weekend promises to be nothing like that.

I think!


Alternative Festival

5th – 7th of June


The Fira Alternativa, which celebrates alternative living, is back for its 21st year in the Turia riverbed. It seems like a kind of broad concept to base a festival on, but we were pleasantly surprised by it last year. There were a lot of interesting products, food and people.


B&Bs in Valencia

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Tapas Festival in Benimaclet

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Last night, we went to the Tapas Festival in Benimaclet. Man, what a chore.


“Haha”, you’re thinking. “As though going to a festival with cheap beer and food could be anything but wonderful. We’re choking on the irony”.


But I’m not being ironic! Going to the tapas festival was an absolute chore. The tickets cost €5 and allowed you to have 3 drinks and two tapas. Sounds good, but actually getting the tickets required the patience of a Tibetan monk. The line was at least 13 kilometers long.


And the people selling tickets… man, I cannot understand what is so difficult about “(1) Take €5, (2) Give Ticket”. There were four dazed, bewildered workers in the booth, only one of whom was actually doing anything. My heart about popped out of my chest when an ugly woman with dreadlocks forcefully butted in front of me, gave her friend the ticket seller a kiss on the cheek, and got her ticket without waiting. And then the ticket seller gave me attitude! I’m sorry, was my disgust and hatred for your oily, hideous friend really that apparent? Just give me the fucking ticket.


And that turned out to be the easy part. This was the most disorganized, chaotic “festival” we’ve ever been to in Valencia. Getting a beer took around 45 minutes. They had one keg, which only sputtered foam. There was one wine stand. No lines, just masses of aggressive people (all as frustrated as we were) pushing their way forward.


So what can I say? The food was great and the deal is probably impossible to beat. It would’ve been great fun if (a) we’d come earlier, (b) were drunk before arriving, and (c) had a slave to wait in all the lines for us. Next year, we’ll have to arrange that.

Best Hostel in Barcelona

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