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13th Annual Kite Competition in Valencia

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Hey you, there! Yeah, you with the “I Love Kites” shirt on. Yes, you! You, who’s wearing the “Krazy 4 Kites” ball cap! I’ve got some news that is going to blow your freaking mind!

Whoa, stop screaming! I haven’t even told you the news yet!! (You kite people are some serious nutters).

Okay, get ready: The 13th Annual Kite Competition is taking place this weekend at the Malvarossa beach. Okay, now you can scream.


It should be a sunny, warm weekend for the festival, which we dropped by on last year. The schedule of events includes kites, kites and more kites. Dragon kites. Funny shaped kites. Whirly kites. You get the idea, rights?

(Geez this dude hasn’t stopped screaming since I told him the news. He’s starting to make me nervous. His face is all red, and I’m not sure he’s even breathing. And the spinning around in a circle, flapping the arms… that’s just weird.)

The festival runs from Friday to Sunday, with the main activities on the 10th and 11th, from 10 to 18:30h. Here’s the official website if you want to find out exactly where it is, and what’s going on. I know at least one guy who’ll be there!

Beach Rugby

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Fallas 2010: Mascletà Napolitana

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Along with thousands of other gluttons for punishment, Jürgen and I returned to the beach on Sunday afternoon for the rescheduled Mascletà Napolitana. This time, we were in luck — although the rain had been a constant threat all day, it didn’t begin until after the fireworks had already started.

For 20 minutes, the mascletà thundered on Malvarossa beach. Massive booms, and special tricks like whistling fireworks, and an explosion which revealed a parachuting Valencian flag delighted the on-lookers.

The overcast skies made it a gray affair, not nearly as beautiful as last year’s. But for those dedicated enough to show up, it was still pretty awesome.















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Valencia Beach: Malvarrosa Sunrise

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Someone went up early to shoot this beautiful video of the city beach in Valencia.

– Hotels at the Beach: New Design Hotel in Valencia: Casa Bosca and Las Arenas Spa Hotel

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Goodbye Beachside Terraces

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The popular restaurant terraces on the beaches of Valencia, or chiringuitos, will soon be a thing of the past. In compliance with a new law regulating coastal areas, restaurants have a choice: close up their terraces or pay a prohibitively high fee to keep them open.

Hey guys: Good thing you visited last year!

It’s caused controversy here. Restaurants stand to lose a lot of business, and beach goers won’t have the option to enjoy lunch on a terrace. Particularly at Malvarrosa, where the restaurants are about 150 meters from the water, it seems egregious.

Add this to recent regulations that ban people from playing music, drinking, playing ball, or bringing dogs to the beach, and you can’t help but think lawmakers just don’t want anyone to have fun. Yes, coasts and beaches need protection, but it can’t be done at the price of destroying tourism. You can’t eat outside, you can’t play paddle ball… If no one wants to go the beach anymore, who’s going to care about preserving it?

Protests are still ongoing, and it looks like an arrangement allows them to stay open for the first part of 2010, so I kind of doubt this matter is completely settled. Does anyone know more about it?

More information at Levante and Typically Spanish.

What is Fallas / Was ist Fallas

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Valencia Spa Hotel with History: Las Arenas

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Pamper yourself! Enjoy a weekend in the Sea View Junior Suite (aka Suite Malvarrosa) of the Spa Hotel Las Arenas right on top of Malvarrosa Beach. From the suite, you would have had a fantastic view for last week’s air show. But who really needs any outside distraction, when staying in the spa? The whole purpose is to forget out the outside world.

The free minibar and access to the spa helps with that



The suite also offers:

  • Double Bed
  • Terrace Furniture
  • Office equipped with: Coffee maker, microwave, ice machine and plate, cutlery and glass service.
  • Safe
  • Wifi
  • Pillow Menu ( yummy)
  • Two 32” TVs one in the living room and the other in the bedroom.
  • Bath with Jacuzzi and independent shower cabin
  • Comfortable dressing gowns and slippers
  • Magnifying mirror

Make your reservations here: Las Arenas

Everyone who’s visited Malvarrosa Beach has seen the hotel. But did you know that the two smaller buildings in front pre-date the hotel, and have been spas for decades? The beach didn’t use to be so wide, and the water nearly reached them.

Here some more information about the history of the Las Arenas hotel:



The hotel is located within the old Las Arenas SPA which dates back to the late XIX century and was a meeting point for the most select members of society. In those days the SPA offered its guests warm sea baths with waves, with surprising effects for sufferers of arthritis and injuries as well as neurological illnesses. In addition to the baths, the complex had swimming pools, a pavilion overlooking the sea which housed a restaurant, a summer cinema, dancing, swimming competitions, popular celebrations etc. In the afternoons and the in the evenings an orchestra would play music by the swimming pools and was one of the main attractions in Valencia during the summer season.

In the year 2002 building work on the New Hotel Las Arenas Health Spa Resort began. During that year all that remained was one of the two pillared buildings and the swimming pool, as the other identical building had been destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The building that remained was fully restored and the other was rebuilt as a perfect replica of the original.

The Pool area dates back to 1933 and was completely restored during the original project, respecting the dimensions of the 33m long pool, as well as the children’s pool and sun terrace area. The famous old “Las Arenas” Trampoline was also restored.

Now, the entire pool area has been used to create a luxurious and modern spa, located around and underneath it, respecting the historical elements of the original spa both in the decoration as well as with the Antique marble pools and the famous poster designed by Renal for the grand opening.

Amongst the columnarios and the pool a four story building was constructed, which was to become the hotel. The building and decoration is classical in style, using only top quality materials imported from different countries. A clear example of this can be seen in the floors in the public areas of the building which are made entirely out of Italian Marble, or the marble in the Suites which was imported directly from China.

Another element that has been carefully restored is that of the indigenous flora which existed originally at the SPA. Prior to commencing the building work the plants had been painstakingly removed and transferred to a nursery and then replanted after the work had finished in order to regain the beautiful scenic landscapes. Amongst the species that have been saved are two very large Ficus, various Tamarinds or Tall palms. Antique marble baths from the SPA were also used during the landscaping as decorative features. This has meant that the Resort enjoys over 8000m2 of elegant gardens with spectacular views of Playa Las Arenas.

Source: Las Arenas Spa Hotel Website

Link: Book Las Arenas Spa Hotel

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