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Ruzafa or Russafa?

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I’m sorry, Valencia. I think you’re just about the best city in the world, and holding onto your culture is a noble goal. But trying to keep straight the multiple spellings of place names is slowly driving me insane.

Officially, signs are all in Valencian. This can lead to great confusion for tourists, whose maps are all in Castilian, and who have walked by Carrer Baix a hundred times while searching for Calle Baja. And though my days of getting lost are (mostly) behind me, I’m not immune. Looking back through my journal, I’ve used the names “Russafa”, “Ruzafa” and “Rusafa” almost interchangeably for the cool neighborhood on the city’s south-east side. So, let’s try and get this settled.

Here are a few which have always caused me trouble:

Castellano Valencià Just Wrong
Ruzafa Russafa Rusafa
Malvarrosa Malva-rosa Malvarosa
Cabañal Cabanyal Cabin, Y’all

Any others to add to this list? Luckily, they’re all pronounced similarly, so you’re unlikely to run into trouble unless you’re writing…

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May 25, 2009 at 2:19 pm Comments (8)