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La Bulería – Flamenco & Dinner

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There aren’t a lot of Flamenco joints in Valencia, but those that do exist boast a high level of quality. We recently checked out La Bulería, near the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencas, and had a great time.


La Bulería provides a classier evening than Radio City or El Duende, and seems to be especially popular among sharply-dressed young adults trying to impress their dates. The comfortable and perfectly-lit dining room is small, which provides every table has an unobstructed view of the stage, and means that reservations are essential.

We sat down at 9pm, and had a wonderful meal… meats and cheese, and a salad to start, followed by an incredible roast cooked in red wine sauce, accompanied by potatoes. Delicious. Once we had polished off the dessert, a generous piece chocolate mousse cake, we lingered over our wine, enjoying the animated vibe in the room, and waited for the show to begin.

We didn’t have to wait long. As soon as everyone was done with their meals, the performers took the stage and put on an awesome show, split into two acts. Very dramatic, and a bit more flamboyant than the flamenco we’ve seen before. Two beautiful dancers joined a singer and guitarist on stage, and their performance simply didn’t have a boring moment. Laughing, smiling and shouting “¡Olé!” at each other, they were clearly having a ball, and that energy carried over into the crowd.

We can definitely recommend La Bulería, especially if you’ve got a new date you’d like to make a splash with. The full dinner and show will set you back €45 per person, though menus start at just €30, which is a decent price for an unforgettable evening.

La Bulería’s Website (in English & Spanish)
Calle Obispo Jaime Pérez 24, 46006
Location on our Valencia Map
963 153 058


La Flamenca Tapas Bar Valencia

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Fallas 2010: Sueca – 4th Place

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A large Valencian man sleeps on the ground, dreaming of the world, in the monument of Sueca-Literato Azorín, titled “Planet Fallas”. Around and on top of him, we find characters from Scotland, the US, Mexico, Japan, India and other countries.


Filmed with the Sanyo VPC – CS 1 (super tiny) available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain

This was a really fun monument; the portrayal of different cultures always provides a lot of opportunity for clever humor (and some good ‘ole Fallas-style racism). We saw a mutli-cutural paella competition, Nadal vs. Federer with an old Fallera judge, and various world leaders. There was a lot to look at.

This was the first monument my parents saw, and they loved it. For the commission, it marked a major improvement on their 9th place 2009 finish.


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Fallas 2010: La Planta and Buñuelos

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March 15th – Fallas is now truly underway! A few weeks ago the city was awoken by the Despertà and ever since we’ve been running ourselves ragged, trying to attend as many Fallas events as possible.

La Planta officially starts today, lasting until tomorrow morning when all the Fallas monuments should be completed:

Make sure to watch the end; kind of funny.

The most famous food during Fallas is the buñuelo — donut-like fried treats made from pumpkin, which you dip into hot chocolate. You’ll find stands offering this sinful delight all over Valencia (Ruzafa has the most). Walking from monument to monument costs a lot of energy and buñuelos are even better than Red Bull for an energy boost.

Filmed with the Sanyo VPC – CS 1 (super tiny) available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain


Here’s a rundown of the main events for the next few days:

La Plantà
All over the city, Fallas commissions will be working to set up their monuments. A lot of the work has already been done on the larger monuments, but the groups officially have until tomorrow morning to finish. Traditionally the monuments are raised completely by hand, but the larger ones all employ cranes nowadays.

Fireworks Show
Tonight at midnight is the first fireworks show at Paseo Alameda. These shows are always incredible, so it’s worth staying up late. On the 16th and 17th the fireworks will start at 1am and on the 18th (the famous Nit de Foc) they’ll begin at 1:30.

Flower Offering: From 4pm until well after midnight on the 17th and 18th, traffic in the city center will be brought to a standstill as Falleras carry thousands of flowers to the Our Lady of the Forsaken in Plaza de la Virgin.

Here are some random Fallas pictures I took over the past few days:




















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Boston Discovers Paella

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We just happened upon a great article on about Valencian paella, which could serve as an excellent introduction to anyone curious about the dish.

To the surprise of most visitors, classic paella Valenciana is nothing like the ubiquitous plates of orange rice festooned with shrimp and mussels. Valencianos call that dish “arroces con mariscos,’’ which translates as rice with shellfish. The authentic local paella comes from the garden, not the sea, even though this is a seaport city. Filled with fava beans, green beans, land snails, and pieces of chicken and rabbit, this paella is cooked in a shallow pan over a hot fire.

We’d also add that paella is considered to originate from Valencia, and is a mark of pride for Valencians. So, the seafood paella is actually a variant on the (superior, in our opinion) original paella Valenciana.

Naturally, the article highlights Valencia’s most famous paella restaurant, la Pepica (patronized by Ernest Hemingway). We’ve not had the opportunity to go there — does it really deserve the hoopla? In our experience, there’s not much difference between the quality of paella at a fancy or a budget restaurant because the dish is difficult to screw up.

Probably not how it’s made at La Pepica

Juergen and I have a special place in our hearts for Boston — we lived in Cambridge’s Central Square for a couple years, and is where we first met. It’s a wonderful city.

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Tapas Festival in Benimaclet

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Last night, we went to the Tapas Festival in Benimaclet. Man, what a chore.


“Haha”, you’re thinking. “As though going to a festival with cheap beer and food could be anything but wonderful. We’re choking on the irony”.


But I’m not being ironic! Going to the tapas festival was an absolute chore. The tickets cost €5 and allowed you to have 3 drinks and two tapas. Sounds good, but actually getting the tickets required the patience of a Tibetan monk. The line was at least 13 kilometers long.


And the people selling tickets… man, I cannot understand what is so difficult about “(1) Take €5, (2) Give Ticket”. There were four dazed, bewildered workers in the booth, only one of whom was actually doing anything. My heart about popped out of my chest when an ugly woman with dreadlocks forcefully butted in front of me, gave her friend the ticket seller a kiss on the cheek, and got her ticket without waiting. And then the ticket seller gave me attitude! I’m sorry, was my disgust and hatred for your oily, hideous friend really that apparent? Just give me the fucking ticket.


And that turned out to be the easy part. This was the most disorganized, chaotic “festival” we’ve ever been to in Valencia. Getting a beer took around 45 minutes. They had one keg, which only sputtered foam. There was one wine stand. No lines, just masses of aggressive people (all as frustrated as we were) pushing their way forward.


So what can I say? The food was great and the deal is probably impossible to beat. It would’ve been great fun if (a) we’d come earlier, (b) were drunk before arriving, and (c) had a slave to wait in all the lines for us. Next year, we’ll have to arrange that.

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