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Fallas 2010: Cuba-Literato Azorín – 10th Place

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Alright, 10th place isn’t the greatest finish ever for the Fallas commission of Cuba-Literato Azorín, but they did emerge from the festival with the victory they were really hoping for — the prize for best Street Lights.


Filmed with the Sanyo VPC – CS 1 (super tiny) available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain

In the dark blue glow of their beautiful lights, the monument almost seemed to be an afterthought… “The Family Skala” was a portrayal of a bourgeoisie family in Victorian England. An old man stood atop a spiral staircase, who could have been Watson, and other characters and scenes from the period littered the scene.

Our favorite ninot was of Jack the Ripper knocking on a door, with his blade hidden behind his back. But otherwise, this monument was just not as well done as a lot of others, and seriously suffered by its proximity to Sueca’s wonderful ode to the nations of the world.


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Fallas 2010: Duque de Calabria – 8th Place

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The Special Section monument closest to our apartment wasn’t one of the most celebrated. But Duque de Calabria’s ode to eavesdropping still had a lot of great aspects. “But Don’t Tell Anyone” was the theme, and featured two buñuelo-munching ladies as its centerpiece, engaged in their favorite occupation: gossip.


Filmed with the Sanyo VPC – CS 1 (super tiny) available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain

Around them, various characters try to listen in on the goods. A waiter pouring out more coffee, a maid engaged in dusting, an old man listening in from atop a coat rack (one of their husbands?), a cat holding a mic with its tail, and a fat kid with a webcam, recording the gossip for the YouTube generation.

The ninots were good, too… highlights included a double-headed Rita and the Queen kissing a donkey (based on a real picture!). We also loved the cut-away of an entire house full of people listening in on the amorous action of one of the inhabitants.

8th place is maybe a disappointment, but a step up from their 2009 finish. Progress!


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Exposicio Del Ninot 2009

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Welcome to the 75th Ninot Exhibition. I moved to Valencia almost exactly a year ago; back then I had no idea what Fallas or Ninots were. But I have learned … learned very well.

Ninots are tiny figures (compared to the big huge Fallas) which are placed within a Fallas exhibit. They provide some humor, often reflecting on the happenings of the past year. It’s similar to the Carnival I know from Germany and other places from around the world.

The exhibit is a nice way to take a closer look at the often beautiful and artistic figures before they’re placed on the streets during La Planta (we will explain that one soon) and finally burned on La Crema. One thing is certain – all the Ninots are burnt, except for the one saved by a public vote.

If you’re interested in some of the Ninots of 2008, feel free to click here.

Now: are you ready for some fun?

The tent of the Ninot Exbibit at Neuvo Central.
The smoke looks really cool!
Even the Pope Benedict is ridiculed, kind of!
Zapatero as Superman – to the rescue!
I swear, I have seen this lady at Central Market before.
This young Hip Hop priest is against condoms!
Doesn’t this Ninot look very realistic


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