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La Bulería – Flamenco & Dinner

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There aren’t a lot of Flamenco joints in Valencia, but those that do exist boast a high level of quality. We recently checked out La Bulería, near the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencas, and had a great time.


La Bulería provides a classier evening than Radio City or El Duende, and seems to be especially popular among sharply-dressed young adults trying to impress their dates. The comfortable and perfectly-lit dining room is small, which provides every table has an unobstructed view of the stage, and means that reservations are essential.

We sat down at 9pm, and had a wonderful meal… meats and cheese, and a salad to start, followed by an incredible roast cooked in red wine sauce, accompanied by potatoes. Delicious. Once we had polished off the dessert, a generous piece chocolate mousse cake, we lingered over our wine, enjoying the animated vibe in the room, and waited for the show to begin.

We didn’t have to wait long. As soon as everyone was done with their meals, the performers took the stage and put on an awesome show, split into two acts. Very dramatic, and a bit more flamboyant than the flamenco we’ve seen before. Two beautiful dancers joined a singer and guitarist on stage, and their performance simply didn’t have a boring moment. Laughing, smiling and shouting “¡Olé!” at each other, they were clearly having a ball, and that energy carried over into the crowd.

We can definitely recommend La Bulería, especially if you’ve got a new date you’d like to make a splash with. The full dinner and show will set you back €45 per person, though menus start at just €30, which is a decent price for an unforgettable evening.

La Bulería’s Website (in English & Spanish)
Calle Obispo Jaime Pérez 24, 46006
Location on our Valencia Map
963 153 058


La Flamenca Tapas Bar Valencia

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Granada – The Joy of Tapeando

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Hotels in GranadaHostels in GranadaFlights to Granada

Yes, visiting the Alhambra was a remarkable experience. But on the drive home to Valencia, I prodded Jürgen to name his number one highlight from Granada. It was the same as mine: THE TAPAS.


Friends had told us that we’d be amazed by the tapas. “You won’t have to eat dinner”. But no amount of advance knowledge could prepare us for tapeando in Granada. At the first pub, we ordered two beers. We got two beers and a huge plate overflowing with food. A salad, two montaditos, and a crazy amount of potato chips. Serously, check it out. I was troubled — it was simply not possible that this amount of food was free. When I asked for the bill, it was with a heavy feeling in my heart; perhaps I had misunderstood.

BUT IT WAS FREE. It was free, my God, all that food for free. Jürgen and I floated out of the bar and, hand in hand, went skipping down the street to the next one, singing the glories of Granada. It was like Christmas, but much, much better. The first bar wasn’t a fluke. At pub after pub, we got free plates of food. Sometimes montaditos, sometimes chicken skewers, sometimes little hamburgers. Sometimes you’d get to choose. The flautas mexicanas, please! Sometimes it was fancy — grilled Camembert on rye toast. Once they set down navajas in front of me and I, made brave by the considerable amount of alcohol flowing through my veins, slurped them down like a gnarled Galician fisherman.

We went to probably 3929 tapas bars during our 4-day stay, so it’s impossible to list them all. Here, though, were some of our favorites:
El Labrador – Rustic, filled with young locals; you can choose your tapas.

De Cuadro – Hipper place, modern furnishing; you can also choose from a large menu of interesting tapas

La Bella y la Bestia – Alongside the river Duerro, this is where we got the outrageous plate full of tapas I linked a picture to, above. A cool little bar.

La Antigualla – Very popular with young foreigners; there were about twenty collegiate Americans there. I pretended to be German. Oh my God, do we, like, totally talk like that now, like, all the time? We counted, like, literally 8 “likes” out of one kid’s mouth in, like, 20 seconds. I’ve been too long away from my homeland. But the tapas were great, here! Like totally!

La Riviera – Again, you get to choose your tapas here; a nice, typical Spanish bar with a mix of locals & foreigners, in a great location

Calle Navas – The entire street is filled with bars and, on a Friday or Saturday night, good luck squeezing into one of them!

More from Our Granada Trip

Buy your Granada guides here. Click for: USA, UK, Germany, Spain

Tapas cookbooks available here: USA, UK, Germany and Spain

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La Flamenca – Great Tapas in Gran Vía

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A relatively new restaurant in Gran Via, La Flamenca offers patrons a great dining experience (location). We’ve been twice, and have been impressed by the quality of food and the price both times.

Flamenca Restaurante

Tapas and montaditos are the highlights of the menu, as well as a decent wine selection. We ordered a large variety of things, and were most impressed and horrified by the cheese plate — these are extremely strong cheeses not for the faint of heart! We also loved the huevos a la pobre, which was a large plate of perfectly cooked eggs to share. The wine from Utiel was delicious and fairly priced.

As the name indicates, La Flamenca offers live flamenco music, as an accompaniment to dinner — but only on Thursday evenings. It’s pleasant; not so much a performance as a fun backdrop to an evening out with friends.

Make sure to get reservations for Thursdays and on weekends, as the restaurant is smallish and fills up quickly!

La Flamenca
C/ Salamanca 34
963 815 500
Location on our Valencia Map

Other good tapas bars:
El Albero
Las Cuevas
Sidreria El Molinón

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Tapas Festival in Benimaclet

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Last night, we went to the Tapas Festival in Benimaclet. Man, what a chore.


“Haha”, you’re thinking. “As though going to a festival with cheap beer and food could be anything but wonderful. We’re choking on the irony”.


But I’m not being ironic! Going to the tapas festival was an absolute chore. The tickets cost €5 and allowed you to have 3 drinks and two tapas. Sounds good, but actually getting the tickets required the patience of a Tibetan monk. The line was at least 13 kilometers long.


And the people selling tickets… man, I cannot understand what is so difficult about “(1) Take €5, (2) Give Ticket”. There were four dazed, bewildered workers in the booth, only one of whom was actually doing anything. My heart about popped out of my chest when an ugly woman with dreadlocks forcefully butted in front of me, gave her friend the ticket seller a kiss on the cheek, and got her ticket without waiting. And then the ticket seller gave me attitude! I’m sorry, was my disgust and hatred for your oily, hideous friend really that apparent? Just give me the fucking ticket.


And that turned out to be the easy part. This was the most disorganized, chaotic “festival” we’ve ever been to in Valencia. Getting a beer took around 45 minutes. They had one keg, which only sputtered foam. There was one wine stand. No lines, just masses of aggressive people (all as frustrated as we were) pushing their way forward.


So what can I say? The food was great and the deal is probably impossible to beat. It would’ve been great fun if (a) we’d come earlier, (b) were drunk before arriving, and (c) had a slave to wait in all the lines for us. Next year, we’ll have to arrange that.

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El Corte Inglés (P)

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6th Annual Tapas Festival in Benimaclet

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Apologies for the late notice on this one. Tonight, June 3rd 2009, the 6th annual festival of tapas is happening in Benimaclet from 19:00 – 23:30.

From what we’ve heard this festival is a lot of fun, and extremely cheap. Besides that, we don’t know much about it, apart from its location: Calle Reverendo Rafael Tramoyeres in Benimaclet (here).

Check it out if you like cheap food and fun!

Tapas Bar: El Albero

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