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World’s Longest Cable Car in Valencia?

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Is Valencia about to get the world’s longest cable car? That’s the plan being put forth by a group called Telefèrico Valencia. They’re proposing a cable car which would run for 13km along the Turia river bed and go by all the top architectural sights.

Each car would be able to seat 9-10 people, and there would be stops at the America’s Cup Harbor, the City of Arts & Scienes, the Torres de Serrano and the Bioparc.

What do you all think? Wait, before making up your mind, check out their short and unintentionally amusing promotional video featuring a cable car photoshopped in front of Valencia’s highlights.

Honestly, I’m not enthusiastic about the idea. Currently, the most annoying thing in the riverbed is the tourist packed train which chugs down the sidewalks way too quickly. But cable cars flying over my head might even be worse. Levante seems to be skeptical about the idea ever coming to fruition, just because this is the same group which tried to promote a huge artificial island off the coast (similar to the crazy island in Dubai).

Telefèrico Valencia’s Website

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Almirante Cadarso: The Monuments of Fallas 2009

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5th Place

2008 Ranking: 6th Place

“¡Lligeu-vos els cinturons!”

The monument of Almirante Cadarso-Conde Altea (location) featured a carload of Spaniards traveling to Spain — only to encounter a group of aliens which already know all about low-cost tourism.


With a keen eye towards politics and current affairs, Almirante Cadarso was able to wrap up 5th place. Those versed in contemporary Spanish & Valencian news would have no problem spotting the various figures which appeared: Zapatero, just finishing up a satisfying dump; Judge Garzón with belt (in reference to the Caso Gürtel); Davids Villa & Silva resignedly hauling away their packed bags (Valencians take it as a given that their best soccer players are not long for the club).


Overall, it was a monument which impressed with its size and scope. Well done!

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April 7, 2009 at 4:22 pm Comment (1)