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Babok Iglo in Valencia

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So, did anyone see a good performance during VEO – Valencia Escena Oberta? We kind of missed out on it this year, but we did see “Iglo” by the Dutch group Babok.

IGLO is both an interactive installation and a street theatre performance. The small building acts as a theatrical peep-box. The audience members and people passing by decide for themselves to have a peep inside the the private space of the inhabitants. By doing this they do take the risk of being part of whatever follows next.

It was surprisingly fun interacting with them and watching how other people react to them. I contributed some olive oil to their ramen noodle meal.


Link: Babok Iglo

Make sure to let us know in the comments, if you saw any great VEO performances!

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February 25, 2009 at 5:42 pm Comments (0)

Valencia Escena Oberta – Open Stage Festival

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You might have seen the posters blanketing the city, advertising the Valencia Escena Oberta (Valencia Open Stage) — you know, the one with the lady cradling the turkey. It’s an image that I find oddly comforting.

Ahh… I just got it. VEO is also the word for ‘I see’. Clever.

The VEO is an annual festival, now in its 7th year, inviting various performing troupes from around Europe to converge upon the plazas and spaces of Valencia. From the 11th to 22nd of February, you’ll be able to catch an eclectic range of performances, a number of which are free.

Whether your preference is dance, acrobatics (we saw an excellent acrobatic troupe out of Berlin, during last year’s festival), music, drama, or just weird interpretive art, you’ll find something of interest.

The program is too packed to describe in detail, so below we’ve linked to the various locations on the festival’s official website,

Plaza del Patriarca
Teatro El Musical
Jardín de Viveros
Hotel Confortel Aqua 4
Palacio de la Exposición
Sala de los Bambus (Palau de la Música)
Sala de la Muralla (Col. Mayor Rector Peset)
Pza. Doctor Collado
Discoteca El Gran Caimán
Instituto Francés
Meeting Point- El Pont Flotant

Anything special you’re looking forward to? I’m not sure what we’ll go see, but we’ll be sure to post about any event we attend!

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February 10, 2009 at 3:47 pm Comments (2)