¡Hola Valencia! – Introduction

On February 1st, 2008, we signed the contract for our flat in the historic center of Valencia. This blog will be an ongoing account of our discoveries and experiences in the city. We’ll be posting as much information as we can, about the restaurants we visit, the problems we have getting registered (more on that soon!), cool shops we find, and just about everything about Valencia that we think merits attention.

I’m Mike: an American who has been living in Europe for about 6 years. 5 years in Berlin, followed by a short stay in Western Ireland. Juergen, my partner, is German. He’s an editorial photographer, so expect the blog to feature a lot of great images from the city.

Make sure to keep checking out holavalencia.net for English-language updates on life in Spain’s 3rd biggest city.

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  1. Mandie

    Are we the first? Are we? Are we? Can’t wait to read your new blog. You are all sorely missed here already!
    M&M&F& Bully’s xoxo

  2. Javyer

    Hi RGS! This blog is great 😉 I will read you here too.

  3. Mr. Bigby

    What exactly is a “Bear”…or don’t I want to know. Your blog looks good and I’ll try to keep up to date with it more than I did with your Ireland blog. I think V-town will have much more liveliness. By the way, never challenge me on Slayer.

  4. Seth

    Congratulations and… good luck in our country, enjoy this!!

  5. Tug

    jmadre mia! Love you and wish my favorite Nomads only the best in Valencia! Enjoy the sunny days, I know they were few and far between in Ireland.

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