Mestalla – Home of Valencia CF

The Mestalla is home to Valencia’s major soccer team, Valencia CF. Last night, I watched the home team score an exciting 3-1 victory over Betis. My new hero David Villa (right) hit two goals.

It was my first time to a Spanish soccer game, and my expectations were met. The Mestalla is an awesome stadium. I paid €20 for a ticket in the grandstands, and had a great view of the pitch.

A couple things stuck out. (1) The Spanish don’t seem to drink any beer at soccer games, which came as a big shock after being used to Germany. At first, I thought it just wasn’t sold, but then I saw a couple wasted Dutch guys walking around, beer in hand.

(2) And they love to swear! With children sitting right in front me, my neighbor was screaming that the ref was the “idiot son of a whore!”, after an incorrect off-sides whistle. I’d hate to see how he’d have reacted, had Valencia been losing.

The Mestalla just a 15 minute walk from the historic center of the city, so definitely worth a visit if the team happens to be playing while you’re there. You can pick up tickets in the Valencia FC Shop, or at a few other places in the city.

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  1. Mandie

    I bet you really missed us when you saw the wasted Dutch guys…
    Hope you’re getting on well, how’s Chucky?

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