Buñuelo – How I love thee!

buñuelo (m) small doughnut, fritter

Oh buñuelo, you greasy ball of dough, so sweet, so wrong, so disgustingly delicious!

You disgusting, delicious little whore, selling yourself on every street corner in Valencia during Fallas, whistling after me as I walk by, “Hey there, you look hungry”.

“Come and get you some sweet stuff”.

Your taste alone, delicious though it is, wouldn’t be enough to ensnare me. I’m strong. But that scent, that glorious odor of sugar and dough, wafting from every stand… it’s too much. I’m yours. And besides, you’re cheap. Cheap and filthy, just how I like it.

Yeah, that’s good. Next time, I promise that I’ll sample that cute little friend of yours, the churro:

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  1. Bigby

    That may have been the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Those little things do look delicious. Don’t you guys ever just take a break? You know…relax, take a snow-day, and sit inside feverishly practicing Guitar Hero 3 on Hard? I know someone who does…

  2. Pablo Pappy

    We want more of the Gestapo Ladies. Bout time someone took charge of the chaos. No question why Conservatives always will rule. Just look what’s happening in America. So Bush/Cheney misjudged a few things. The McCain-Huckabee ticket will restore some discipline and order. It’s simply human nature. People “want” the reckless joy of helter-skelter liberal ideas….but deep down know they “need” a controlled predictable path to follow. The police are pigs to young radicals…until the free spirits get older, and need help. We love the idea of Hillary and/or Barac, but, this is a very evil world so who will you really dial up when the shit hits the fan. In the meantime, let’s all eat some more of that artery-clogging Spanish cuisine! Yum, slurp!

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