La Semana Santa Marinera

Ah… Fallas is over, the monuments burnt, and we can finally get back to life as norma…. WHA?! You mean this is still a holiday?!

That’s right, largely forgotten in the madness surrounding Las Fallas is the fact that this is Easter week. Today is Good Friday, something which I realized only after going out this morning and finding all the shops closed.

It’s not hard to see why the celebrations of Semana Santa are over-shadowed by the Fallas. What with the creepy brotherhoods in pointy hoods and exciting events such as today’s “Solemn celebration of the Passion and Death of our Father, with a Lecture of the Passion, Adoration of Saint Cruz and Communion” (honestly). Hmmm… that, or I could watch a crazy devil-parade with fireworks.

In Valencia, the holy week is referred to as the Semana Santa Marinera, probably because it’s mainly celebrated in the maritime districts. We’ll likely go to one of the processions — not because we’re the slightest bit religious, but because any time men in pointy hoods march, it’s worth a photo.

Link: Official Page of the Semana Santa Marinera

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