Valencia’s Botanic Garden


Right outside the city gates lies the University of Valencia’s outstanding Botanic Garden (Jardín Botánico).


Even if you’re not a huge fan of plants, the garden is indisputably worth both an hour of your time, and the €1 admission. It’s pleasant to walk around among the botanic life, collected from all over the world — I found the palm trees and cacti especially cool. (That’s right, I found palm trees cool.)


And though they’re not an official part of the garden, there are about thirty thousand cats running around. I’m even less a fan of cats than palm trees, but it was still fun to watch them lord it over their private pleasure palace.


If you’re eager to learn more about the differences between Chamaerops humilis and Phoenix canariensis, you can pick up one of the Audio-Visual guides for your walk through the garden. Going to do that next time.


And there will be a next time! For €1, the garden is an awesome place to spend a quiet afternoon and is extremely accessible from the city center — right next to the Torres de Quart.

Link: Official Webpage

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  1. FabricalDreams

    I visited it one month ago and, as you, I liked it. It’s an incredible place and 1€ is a perfect price to enjoy with plants and cats x’D

  2. Ester Zamorano

    I am a volunteer/caretaker of the cats from the garden, but there are only 40

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