Menú del Día: Ao Yama – Japonés


You are in for a treat.

Today we went to this Japanese Restaurant called “AO Yama” which had been suggested to me by Inma from my Spanish Language School (Inma: I owe you big time). As their Menú del Día, they offer a “Buffet Libre a la Carta” for €8.90, which means you can order as much as you want from their menu. You don’t have to go up to any buffet — just tell the waiters what you want, and they’ll keep it coming!


Their lunch menu offers over 40 different dishes – Everything from soup, fried rice, various chicken, beef, fish and vegetarian dishes, sushi and yummy desserts, all as much as you want, and all for €8.90! I just can’t get over it. Everything was super delicious.

Here are some of the dishes we chose.

Fried Mushroom Rice, Philadelphia Sushi Rolls and a variety of Spring-Rolls:


Double Fried Beef in Honey:


Chicken Sautée:


Fried Chicken in thick lemon sauce:


Sesame and Green Tea Ice Cream:


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  1. Jenn's Mutti

    wow…wish I could have sampled some of these yummy looking dishes!!

  2. valencia blog

    J’s Mutti,

    you still can – the restaurant is still here 🙂

  3. Amanda

    Yummeroony – but still my favourite all time restaurant in Valencia has to be Yi – also Japanese / Asian …. will you do a review??

  4. Inés

    Thanks so much for this recommendation! The food was excellent (the sushi wasn’t bad, either) and the place itself is pretty cool. Some of the dishes (like the fried rice) are more Chinese-ish than Japanese, but they’re still tasty. One note: the menu is now 9.50€, worth it nonetheless.
    I’ll definitely go back!

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