San Vicente Ferrer

Hey Valencia, we get it. You love fiestas.

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We thought it was over after Fallas but, nope, we had forgotten about the rest of the Easter Week festivities. And now this Monday — almost like a sick joke — comes another holiday, this time to celebrate San Vicente Ferrer, the patron saint of Valencia. I give up.

Will there be…

  • Parades? Check!
  • Stores closed? Check!
  • Quasi-Christian processions and holy images? Check, check!
  • Mascletàs? Sadly, no.
  • But orphans recreating San Vicente’s “miracles” on stage? CHECK!

So, fine, let’s just get it over with. And then please… no more fiestas. It’s enough, seriously.

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  1. Pablo Pappy

    Holy Buckets…after the terrifying basketball game last night I couldn’t sleep fearing my reign as The Magic One would soon end. Then, I awoke this morning to the calming voice of San Vicente Ferrer whispering….”Not to worry, my son, you have fought the mighty battle and will be rewarded.” So, thank you mucho, and continue to attend and pay homage to all the Spanish Saints…. and give extra peso’s or Euro’s to the poor street urchins.

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