Best Horchata in Valencia

Horchateria Daniel Valencia-1

This statement is of course very subjective, since I’ve only been to 3 different horchaterias since living in the city.

The origin of the horchata can be found in Alboraya, a town bordering Valencia. And Alboraya’s Horchateria Daniel is the place to be. Huge and extremely popular, it’s also the birthplace of fartons – baked goodies to dunk in your Horchata.

Horchateria Daniel Valencia-2

I preferred sitting outside.

Horchateria Daniel Valencia-3

They also have a take-out counter – what you see in the cups is not beer, but Horchata!

Horchateria Daniel Valencia-4

Yummy fartons filled and covered with chocolate.

Horchateria Daniel Valencia-7

I drank a big class of horchata and munched down 5 fartons — 1 chocolate & 4 regulars:

Horchateria Daniel Valencia-5
Horchateria Daniel Valencia-6

And, yes, we skipped dinner.

Horchataria Daniel is easy get to since it’s right across the street from the metro station “Palmaret”

Link: Horchateria Daniel

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