Official Procession de Desamparados: Canceled

Procession Desamparados-1

After the short but eventful Traslado on Sunday morning, we found ourselves again on Plaza de la Virgen that evening for the official procession. The virgin was going to be carried on an even longer route with more rose petals.

Due to bad weather the procession was canceled, but I managed to take some fun pictures of the people gathered around.

Procession Desamparados-2
Procession Desamparados-3
Procession Desamparados-4
Procession Desamparados-5
Procession Desamparados-6
Procession Desamparados-8
Procession Desamparados-11
Procession Desamparados-12
Procession Desamparados-13
Procession Desamparados-14
Procession Desamparados-15
Procession Desamparados-16

Everyone had a good time.

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  1. AJS

    So which one is your favorite foto?

  2. valencia blog

    The screaming Fallera 🙂 She warms my heart!

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