America’s Cup: It’s On in March

Is anyone else having a hard time following the status of the America’s Cup? On again, off again and constantly rescheduled, the America’s Cup now has a green light for March, 2009.

A judge in New York dismissed some sort of lawsuit initiated by Team USA (Oracle) against the Swiss (Alinghi), and has set a date 10 months in the future for the event. I tried to read the details of the lawsuit, but quickly got bored. Listening to rich children argue about playtime with their expensive toys isn’t a lot more appealing when the children are adults.

Now, I have no idea why an American judge gets to decide when a sporting event in Spain takes place. But regardless, it’s great news for Valencia, for whom the America’s Cup is a huge boon — one of the few chances the city gets to step into the international spotlight.

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  1. Ross

    Go Team NZ! I was in Auckland during several America’s Cups, it was so much fun, I even go to go out on a support boat for the Prada Team. The cup also did wonders for the city, cleaning up a grotty part of town, that is still a lively hub today. I cried when the Kiwis won the cup off the Americans, I wonder if they will ever get it back? I really so hope the cup can come back to Auckland again.

  2. Davide


    not sure about that (I’m just trying to remember) but I think that the next America’s cup will be only between Alinghi and Oracle. I might wrong, though.

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